Cooking Eggs in a Microwave

MicrowaveovenOur modern ways of life have made us completely dependent on machines; right from the time we wake up in the mornings when we turn on the geyser to have a warm, stimulating bath refreshing us for the start of the day, to the time when we go to bed turning on the air conditioner. We are touched by the use of machines in every sphere of our lives today. In the modern times, we can hardly imagine spending our daily lives without the presence of technology to make it faster as well as simpler for us. Life would come to a complete halt, and in the race to occupy a place among the friendliest of the gadgets, our microwave, wherein we can churn out tasty dishes for all the various members of the family, is not far behind. An excellent use of the microwave is especially felt in the mornings at the time of preparing the breakfast for the day, while you are rushing with the ticking of the minutes of the clock. Besides, because your mother always remembers to tell you that the morning breakfast is the most basic meal of the day, then there cannot be something as helpful as the microwave to assist you in completing your first essential meal of the day. Moreover, for those of you who have the bad habit of skipping through the breakfast early in the morning, having the microwave handy at the home would also motivate you to stuff in something faster than when made in the regular gas stove. Cooking eggs in microwave in the most perfect manner sometimes require as less as a total of a minute and would also have the added advantage of living up to the advice of your mother and making her proud.

Even though the time to cook the dish in the microwave might vary, depending on the power of the machine, one of the most ideal thing is to use a general one with an average power rating. Moreover, to add on to what egg recipe you have made in the microwave, you are always left with the option of adding on a bit of your favorite nuts, raisins, shredded carrots, spices and so on, and prepare it in the form of a Mediterranean dish. A few of the other essential things to keep in mind before starting out to prepare any egg dish in the microwave is to even out the shell of the eggs because of the fact that too much of heat produced in the microwave might lead to the explosion of the shells, causing a mess. The next tip is to always use either a wooden spoon or the tip of a knife to break open the membrane of the yolk of the egg before putting it in the microwave in order to let the steam to be released. Lastly, keeping the containers used for cooking in the microwave, covered with a lid, or a wrap made of plastic, or a wax paper helps prevent explosion and leads to more even cooking. Moreover, there are particular equipment or utensils available for cooking things in a microwave which need to be used particularly for the purpose.

Cooking Eggs in Microwave can be done by following these suggestions:


  • First and foremost break open and place 1 egg each into slightly greased custard cups or a pie plate of the size of 10 ounces
  • Next slightly prick the yolk part of the eggs with either the tip of a knife or a wooden spatula.
  • Then gently cover the cups or the plates with lids, or plastic wraps or wax papers.
  • Gently cook the eggs on a power of just fifty percent to your desired extent, say about two to three minutes.
  • Lastly let it remain there covered, till the white part of the eggs are fully set and the yolk parts begin to solidify a bit but be careful that they do not become hard and rubbery.


  • Firstly separate the white part and the yolk part of the eggs into 2 slightly greased bowls.
  • Then stir the yolks with a fork or a wooden spoon.
  • Next cover each of the containers with lids, plastic wraps or wax papers.
  • Then cook both the parts separately on fifty percent and thirty percent power, stirring either once or twice, giving twenty to thirty seconds for the yolks and as much as thirty seconds to a minute for the white parts.
  • Next, take them away from the microwave when there is sometime left for them to be made completely.
  • Lastly let them remain covered for as much as two minutes. Let them cool down for a long duration so as to be able to handle them properly, then mince them into small parts.
Microwave poached eggs

Microwave poached eggs


  • First and foremost pour one third cup of water into custard cups or deep bowls of small size which are of the size of 10 ounces. Break and place two eggs in that.
  • Next slightly prick the yolks of the eggs with the tip of a knife or a wooden spoon or a spatula.
  • Then cover the bowls or the cups with lids, plastic wraps or wax papers.
  • Next, cook the eggs on full power for as much as one and a half to two minutes. If it is required, let them remain covered until the white parts fully set and the yolks of the eggs begin to solidify but ensure that they do not become too hard.
  • Lastly lift up the eggs with a narrow spoon.

Hence, next time if you are planning of skipping your breakfast early in the morning, think of the microwave and how to put it to the best possible use and then you can have your way to a healthy meal, starting off the day on an excellent note. Besides, you can live up to the advice of your mother as well.

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