Egg salad recipe

Egg salad

Egg salad

Gorging on many different delicacies is something which we all love to indulge in during festivals, especially Christmas and Easter, which of course are the two festivals when you keep munching on foods and goodies. Although we might love to eat all the goodies, we also need to exactly know which particular dish has to be prepared for which particular occasion and accordingly prepare it catering to the taste buds of all the members of the family. More than the process of indulging in the recipes, what gives us more thrill is the process of preparing the delicacies, which gives us ample opportunity to experiment with the condiments, ingredients as well as the spices to be used in the recipe. One such recipe which is a particular favorite with people who are very busy with their day to day activities is the egg salad recipe; it does not require more efforts to be prepared as well.

Most of the people love to have eggs in all its different forms, whether boiled, or in the form of an omelet or scrambled eggs. The egg salad recipe that we would be suggesting or giving tips to make new egg recipes is equally to be loved even by a person who is not very fond of dishes where a lot of mayonnaise has been used. This is due to the fact that in relation to the proportion of eggs as well as the other ingredients that we would be using, the quantity of mayonnaise would be quite little. In other words, this recipe would put before you how you can go all out to make that perfect balance of an egg salad recipe for the members of your family. In fact as soft are the eggs that would be boiled, it would be well complemented by the amount of celery as well as the crunchy feeling of the onions that would be used. Moreover, the seasonings that would be used, add simply the perfect flavor to the entire dish.

This entire recipe can be termed as the classic egg salad recipe. And in order to prepare this particular recipe, you would need the following ingredients ready in your kitchen:

N.B. The amount of ingredients that have been suggested is required for the preparation of four sandwiches. Therefore, accordingly decrease or increase the amount as per your requirement.

The preparation time would be approximately forty minutes.


Six eggs

About one fourth part of Mayonnaise

About one tablespoon of parsley leaves which are fresh and minced

Ground black pepper

Half of the stemy part of celery which has been chopped properly and is about three tablespoons in quantity

Salt about one fourth teaspoon

Two tablespoon of red onion which has been minced properly
Two teaspoons of Dijon mustard powder

Two teaspoons of the juice of a lemon

Process of preparation:

  1. The first step involved in this preparation is to boil the six eggs by placing them in a saucepan of medium depth. They have to beegg salad recipe2 brought to a boil in high heat by keeping them covered with an inch of water.

  2. Once they have been boiled, you have to remove the saucepan from the gas stove, keep it covered still and leave it in the way for as much as around ten minutes.

  3. In the meantime as the boiled eggs are made to lie in the covered saucepan, fill a medium sized bowl with one fourth quantity of water and place a tray of ice cubes taken from the refrigerator.

  4. The next step in the preparation of the egg salad recipe is to transfer the boiled eggs from the saucepan to the bowl filled with the ice water with the help of a hollow spoon and let it be there for as much as five minutes.

  5. Then you need to peel off the cover of the eggs and dice them into medium sizes.

  6. The last step in the preparation of this delicious recipe is to thoroughly mix together all the ingredients in the medium size bowl. Last but not the least (as there is always the scope of adding seasonings as per your choice) is to add a little bit of black pepper to appeal to your taste buds and serve it to your loved ones.

If you so desire, you can keep the dish covered and store it in the refrigerator the previous night before serving it out to others.

One more important thing to keep in mind while serving out the the egg salad recipe is to decorate it in the best possible manner to make it appear appealing for the eyes of the one who will indulge in it.

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