How Not to Make a PowerPoint Presentation

Presentations are very important to convey a message to a group of people clearly. Your presentation has to reach the audience and they should understand it. To do this, you should be clear about some things that should not be done.

How not to make a PowerPoint presentation? How to keep yourself from boring the audience?

When you make a PowerPoint presentation, you should be aware of all the features of a PowerPoint presentation. There are add-ins that enable you to present information in a very user friendly way.

  • Do not use paragraphs in slides
  • Do not include content-clouding music
  • Do not have a background color that is in the same shade of your text
  • Do not include unwanted graphics
  • Do not cram all your content inside your slides
  • Try not to place huge images in the slides
  • Do not match your content to the template
  • When you pick a template, be sure it suits your content
  • Use only sans serif fonts, for example, Arial, Times New Roman
  • Do not include unnecessary information in the slides. If you want to give some extra information, make a note of it and include it in your narration.
  • Do not add too much animations
  • Animations are useful when you want to make the presentation eventful, but too much animation is distracting
  • Do not place more than one idea in a slide. This tends to confuse the audience.
  • Never assume the audience will read the slides. Always narrate your information. This helps the audience understand the content clearly.
  • Always wear comfortable clothing when you present, because this is crucial to give your best without discomfort.

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