How to Add Music to a Powerpoint Presentation

Powerpoint presentations are a very easy way to present your presentations. This application enables you to spice up your presentation with its add-ins. Let us see how to add music to a Powerpoint presentation.

Everyone likes background music during a very tense situation. Music soothes mind and relaxes a person.

Open MS PowerPoint.

To include music to your presentation:

For single slides:

This option is useful to provide sound for a single slide. That is if you have an animation or require a special effect for that slide, you can choose the appropriate sound to play in the back ground for that particular slide.

  • Go to Insert/Sound
  • In the drop down option, you have, Sound from file, Sound from clip organizer, Play CD audio track and Record sound
  • Click Sound from file
  • Navigate to the file position
  • If your file is already in the built-in drive, select the file and include it in your file
  • If your file is in a CD or DVD, insert the CD/DVD, and select the music you want from that CD
  • After this, there is a message box
Click Sound from file

Click Sound from file

  • Choose the option you want.

Now the music is embedded in your presentation and it will play for a single slide.

For multiple slides:

  • Go to Animation/Custom Animation
  • A window opens
For multiple slides

For multiple slides

  • In this window, you will be able to see the music you have embedded
  • There is a drop down arrow on the music
drop down arrow on the music

drop down arrow on the music

  • Click it, there are a few options (Figure 3)
  • Click Effect options, a window opens
Click Effect options, a window opens

Click Effect options, a window opens

  • In Stop Playing, select After and the number of slides you want the music to play. You can select the number of slides through which the music will play.

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