How to Add Volume to Hair

How to Add Volume to Hair

How to Add Volume to Hair

Don’t we all desire to be an object of envy of other people, especially for being blessed with natural good looks above all? No matter how hard one tries for appearing good, the truth of the matter is that nothing can compete with natural beauty or good-looks. This said, however, there are a number of ways for enhancing one’s looks to a great extent and this is exactly where all the various beauty salons or grooming experts or institutes have capitalized on, for attracting people, especially the female fans, who having once come across the many wonders of these beauty or grooming sessions, are encouraged or inspired for trying them over and over again for adding on to their beauty quotient. It is not just that the skin of people can be enhanced as well as made to appear clear, flawless or shiny, but even one’s hair for that matter can be enhanced to a great extent. As the factors of dandruff and hair fall can be brought under control to a considerable extent, or made to appear shiny, silky as well as smooth, in the same manner it is also possible at the same time for making our hair appear full of volume than otherwise as has been aptly shown in the numerous television commercials. It is very much possible to achieve this in reality even by common people like us and not merely the film stars. In fact, the excess amount of build up, that is to say, the residue left over from conditioners, can be removed making the hair bouncy and full of volume.

  • Some basic tips:
  • Volumizers can be applied to the roots of the hair just above the ears of the individual and after that dry the hair from the tip to the roots to allow the force of gravity to lift the hair strands away from the scalp as much as possible. This is a good way of lending height to one’s hair.
  • There are some people who simply desire to have their hair straight while at the same time also want it to be full of volume. In such a case, if you have straight hair, flat-iron merely the ends or tips of the hair. This is according to the advice or suggestion by Brian Magallones, celebrity stylist of Garnier Fructis. After that has been done, what you can do next is to flip the head over and spray a little bit of volumizing hairspray.
  • The hair of the person can be rolled up using a big barrel curling iron or even rollers for that matter. In this way, a boost can be given to the roots of the hair of the individual.
  • Use a clarifying shampoo as Tresseme Vitamin C Deep Cleansing Shampoo for getting rid of all of that filthy, messy, oily, slimy or sticky substance from one’s hair or scalp and for restoring the hair’s natural shine as well as volume.
  • Some more tips:
  • Apply a thickening or volumizing blow dry lotion on the hair for increasing its volume.
  • Another good way for adding body is to go for a layered hair cut and also at the same time, maintain it. It adds on body to one’s hair and the shorter the layers, the more the chances of adding volume to one’s hair, and if in case you are not fond of keeping the hair short for too long a duration of time, then you can choose to alter or change the styling of the hair as and when you wish to.
  • Blow drying of the hair should be done from the tips to the roots for adding a little bit of body to one’s hair.
  • downloadEven a vented brush can be used for adding a little amount of volume to one’s hair.
  • Heated rollers or a velcro can be used for the same purpose.

How body waves or perms can be used for adding volume to one’s hair:

Many people confuse as well as misunderstand when using body waves and perms. For those of you who are not very clear as to the difference between body waves and perms, body waves mostly use a bit of big sized rollers and their durability is not as perms. In fact, if there is a debate as to whether body waves or perms are better, then the answer can be probably that body waves are full of advantage in the sense that they do not frizz up even in damp or humid climatic conditions, while perms tend to frizz up on such climatic conditions even though their durability is more than body waves. But irrespective of their durability, both body waves as well as perms add body to one’s hair. However, not all brands of body waves as well as perms are comprised of the same quality as mentioned above. In fact, the best among all of them is from the brand Quantum, and if in case it is not available or out of stock, you can next choose from either Apple Pectin or Warm and Gentle brand products. In fact, you can ask the best advice from the hair-dresser for the brand of perm being applied on the hair and bear that in mind for if in case, in the future you have to change salons at least you are in a better position to ask the next hair dresser to apply the same brand products on your hair as by now you must have found out what brand product is best for your hair type.

Curlers and Rollers for adding volume to one’s hair:

Even hot rollers are used for increasing the hair volume. For that, one needs to first and foremost blow dry one’s hair and lightly apply hair spray on the hair by flipping it upside down. Next, one needs to add hot rollers to one’s hair and allow them to be in that position for some time for them to sit properly in one’ hair till the curls are set properly. The hot rollers can then be removed from the hair allowing the hair to cool down before flipping the hair upside down once again. Then a little bit of more hair spray can be added to the hair and a vent brush should be run through one’s hair for releasing the curls. Even pink foam curlers can be used at night, which should be removed in the morning followed by brushing the hair and sprucing it with the use of a curling iron. Both of these two methods are known to be extremely useful for adding body to the hair.

How to use styling products:

It is something very common that people with naturally beautiful hair have to be very careful when applying any styling product to their hair because chances of them damaging their hair are more. It mostly occurs when you apply these products quite often, in a large quantity or when you are applying it in a wrong way. In such cases the product does not do any good; in fact it worsens the hair texture you had before. If in case, one has naturally weak hair, then the mantra is to apply the products in a light manner and apply it simply on the roots of the hair. If we are to name any such styling products, we mention two such brands by the names of Nexxus and Volumax. You can apply a root liter or volumizer spray to the hair roots at the time of the hair being still damp. Next, you can choose to blow dry the hair in parts by flipping it upside down and using a big brush of a round shape as well as a blow dryer with a diffuser. You can further choose to lift up and add a bit of tension to your hair with the help of the big, round brush and aim the blow dryer’s nozzle towards the hair roots.

The use of irons for adding volume to one’s hair:

When it comes to creating body to one’s hair, certain curling irons can do wonders for people. As an example, if you are trying to add volume to your hair and using a flat iron for the purpose, you can twist it at an angle for creating a tendril curl. Even big barreled and small barreled irons work in the same way for creating body to one’s hair, whereas crimping irons need not be twisted for creating volume to one’s hair.

Now, if you have limp hair, you do not need to fret or suffer from a headache or worry for it for abiding by the above mentioned methods is definitely going to make you flaunt hair that is full of body or volume to the envy of other people around you.

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