How to Adjust a Fossil Watchband

Fossil watches and clothesline are very popular. Fossil watches are available in almost all retail stores in USA. These watches are liked by almost all age groups. However, the watchband comes in some standard sizes only. This does not mean that you cannot buy them for yourself, if the band is tight or loose. You can buy any Fossil watch that you like if you know how to adjust a Fossil watchband.

You need some simple instruments to adjust the watchband, like a small screwdriver used especially for glasses and watches, a magnifying glass and a piece of cloth. Get these things and you can adjust any Fossil watchband, following the instructions given below.

How to adjust a fossil watchband?

  • Place the soft cloth on the table. Now place the watch upside down on this cloth, so that it is prevented from any scratches.
  • There are different types of watchbands. Some watchbands are intact and cannot be adjusted, as they do not have any links or joints. However, most of the watches have joints in the band. These joints help you to adjust the band.
  • Just like shown in the diagram above, the watchband is made of different parts put together and you can adjust the length of the band by disconnecting or adding the links as per your requirement.
  • You can use a magnifying glass to locate the small screw or pin, which is used to joint two such links. (The point marked by the arrow in the above diagram is where the links are joined using small screws or pins)
  • Once you locate this pin or screw, using the small screwdriver, get the pin or screw out of this link. There is a direction marked on the link, which tells you the direction in which the pin or screw will be detached.
  • Remove the pins and screws from the number of links you want to remove. This will depend on your wrist size.
  • The main thing is that the number of links that you remove should be equal on both sides. For example if you need to remove 4 links, remove two from each side. In case you need to remove 3 links, it is better to adjust it with only two links, as you have to remove links in equal numbers from both the sides.
  • Do not remove the links from the end of the watchband. The end of the watchband has the locks attached to it. It would be difficult to attach the lock again if you detach it.
  • Leave the ends aside and start removing the links from the middle of the watchband. After you are done with adjusting, join the remaining links by inserting the screw or pin.
  • Check the links of the band once, for proper fitting of screws or pins.

Isn’t it simple s to adjust the watchband? Just one equipment, and you can adjust the watchband yourself. Next time you have any problem with your Fossil watchband, try adjusting the watchband using these instructions.

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