How to Adjust a Garage Door

Your garage door is not operating smoothly or making noise or is not safe; you can fix the garage door tension if you know how to adjust a garage door. You can easily fix it with the help of some simple instruments like screw drivers, Allen wrenches, stepladder, wood blocks, clamps and pliers.

How to adjust garage door?

  • To adjust the door you have to first detach the door opener. Place the door in half open position. You can take the support of a stepladder to place the door. The door should be placed in such a way that you can lower it or raise it easily without much shuffling.
  • Next is to adjust the spring tension. For this, let the door open fully. This will completely relieve the spring tension. To keep the door open, insert wood block, stopper, or locking pliers in the track below the bottom rollers.
  • There is a lifting cable in this track near a bend. You need to disconnect this cable, and move it next to the hole near the door. Moving it closer to the hole will increase the spring tension, and moving it away from the hole will decrease the spring tension. After adjusting the cable, either tie it or hook it at the end.
  • Remove the wood block or any other stopper you had used to keep the door wide open. Check the functioning of the door and make any further adjustments if needed.
  • If the spring tension has to be increased even after the lifting cable is hooked in the hole close to the door, then you need to reduce the length of the cable. However, while adjusting, you need to take care that the cable length is equal on both sides. Check the spring tension again, and if it is as per the requirement then hook the cable back at the same length at which the spring tension is adjusted.
  • To make this adjustment, if the cable has to be shortened so much, that even while the door is open there would be tension in it, then the cable adjustment will not work. You need to replace the springs.
  • Springs cannot be just bought and fitted in the door. Springs are used as per the pounds it has to handle. Therefore to get the right spring for your door, you need to know the weight of your door.
  • To check the weight of the door, open the door completely to relieve all the tension of the door. Keep the door wide open.
  • Using a wrench you will have to detach the ’safety-cable springs’ that are bolted on the track support. This is at the rear side of the garage. These springs will be either hooked or bolted to the track support.
  • Now you will need a helping hand. The two of you will have to remove all the stop blocks and place the door on the floor. The door will be very heavy, approximately 100 pounds. It is thus necessary to take someone’s help for this. While the door is placed on the floor, lift it a bit, slide the bathroom scale below it exactly at the center of the door and rest the door on it. This will help you determine the weight of your door. Accordingly buy the springs for your door.
  • From the old spring, detach the clevis pulley, front bracket and rear bracket. Connect it to new springs. Pass the safety cable from the springs, check the tension and hook it.

A little complicated but not an impossible task if you really wish to accomplish it. Next time any problems with your garage door; I hope you can fix it yourself.

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