How to Adjust Bass Drum Pedal

People love music and make it a habit to at least learn playing one musical instrument like guitar, piano, synthesizer or bass drums. There are numerous instruments to choose from. Some people opt for bass drums. These drums are made up of various parts. One such vital part of the drum is drum pedal. The pedal is used by the drummer when he wishes to strike the biggest drum of the drumming kit, the bass drum. The bass drum completely changes and affects the sound and style of the drummer. Not only the way the drum is hit, but the actual sound also changes the entire music. This pedal is very important because both hands of the drummer are engaged in playing other drums, and with his foot he strikes this bass drum. The pedal of the bass drum has 3 important parts: beater head, foot plate and beater arm. The arm of the pedal is connected to the plate using a chain. This pedal some times needs to be adjusted. You do not need any specialist for this if you learn how to adjust bass drum pedal. If you have any problems with the pedal of your bass drum, you can follow the instructions given below, and make the appropriate adjustments.

You do not need many tools for this. Keep a carpet and pedal lubricant handy, before you start adjusting the drum pedal.

How to adjust bass drum pedal?

  • Firstly, the throne height needs to be adjusted as per your height. It should be at a height that your thighs be, at a right angle, with the shins and do not make you feel uncomfortable. For this, you can spin the seat. When the throne is adjusted at proper height, the pedal adjustments would be easier.
  • The beater head affects the sound of the drum. The texture and mass of the beater head will influence the sound of the bass drum. Traditional beaters just like the ones used in bass drums of military, produce dampened sound. Plastic or wooden heavy beater heads give a different sound. Based on this sound, you can judge whether you need to replace this beater head.
  • To replace it, you need to detach the beater’s thin end and the clamp above the plate. Place the new beater and fix the clamp back.
  • The beater moves backward and forward. The extent to which it moves backward, determines the potential by which it will hit the drum. Forward movement is limited by the distance at which the drum is placed, so that does not need any specific adjustment; however, the backward movement needs adjustment. When you lift your foot from the pedal, the beater will stand still at the actual position. This is the position at which the beater should move backwards. You can adjust this as per your playing style. There is a clamp attaching the pedal frame and the rocker arm. Tighten this clamp as per the required angle of the pedal’s backward movement.
  • After adjusting the height, the head and the fall, you need to adjust the tension of the pedal. The beater and the pedal are connected with the help of a screw fitted on either side. To increase or decrease the spring tension, you need to turn the screw, which in turn will adjust the pedal tension. The tension of the pedal determines the efforts you need to push the beater, to hit the drum. If you feel that you have to kick too hard, or just a minor touch hits the header to the drum, you need to adjust the spring tension of the pedal. If you decrease the spring tension, the beater will hit the drum hard without much effort.
  • The entire drum kit and bass drum is placed on a carpet. Placing an extra carpet below the pedal will affect the angel of the pedal.

These minor adjustments help you get the right sound with the right effort. You do not need any major tools. A pair of pliers and wrench is just what you need. The pedal lubricant is needed when you have not played your drums since a long time. In this case, the screw and springs tend to jam and rust settles on it. Putting a few drops of lubricant will help you with this.

Adjust the bass drum pedal as per your convenience, and get compliments for the piece you play.

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