How to Adjust Bike Gears

Riding cycles having gears is a good experience. Especially, the people who like riding bicycles and frequently participate in bicycle races prefer geared bicycles. They continuously practice on these bicycles, and for them it is very important to know how to adjust bike gears. Knowing the procedure of gear adjustment will make his/her cycling experience more enjoyable. It will help him/her save time and money as well. Since the bicycle will be used daily, the gears will need to be adjusted timely. Taking the bicycle to the mechanic every time will lead to loss of time and money.

Things required to adjust bike gears:

  • Brushes used to clean the bike chains
  • Bike Lube
  • Tool for Bike Chain
  • All in one bike tools

How to adjust bike gears?

  • Suspend the bicycle from a bungee cord or a hook. This will enable the wheels and the pedal move freely. Alternatively, you can make use of a repair stand.
  • Following the shift lever at the left, you would enter a mechanism at a point closer to the gears at the front of the bike. This is known as the ‘front derailleur’ of the bike.
  • You next need to notice the adjusting screws on this derailleur. On the upper side of the gear mechanism of the front gears, you can see two adjacent screws. One screw is labeled with the alphabet ‘L’ which indicates low gear and the other is labeled as ‘H’ which is high gear.
  • Move the pedals in the forward direction. The chain should move swiftly in the cycle’s ’small chain ring’. If it does not move swiftly and crisply the screw labeled ‘L’ should be loosened by a single round. If after loosening it by a single turn, the chain comes out, tighten the screw lower, screw again by half turn.
  • After setting the inner limit try shifting it in to the cycle’s big chain ring. For shifting it in, you will have to loosen the screw marked ‘H’ and if the cycle’s chain goes quite far, coming off again and again, then tighten the screw.
  • Next step is shifting the rear or hind derailleur. While in the big ring, this chain should not come in contact or friction with the derailleur at the front, as well as the tiny cog at the hind side.
  • Tighten the screw and check the adjustment.
  • After having adjusted the derailleur at the front, you need to adjust the cycle’s rear derailleur.
  • Following the shift lever at the right and the pulley mechanism, you will be directed to the front derailleur of the bicycle.
  • The cycle’s front derailleur has tow screws – low and high one for each.
  • Turning the cycle’s pedals forward, try shifting it in the tiny cog. If the cycle’s chain does not enter in the small cog, you will have to set loose the screw labeled ‘H’. Overshooting needs tightening the ‘H’ Screw.
  • Next, try shifting in the large cog, and if it does not shift, loosen the screw labeled ‘L’, and if it shifts too far, tighten this screw.

Riding geared bicycles is a very pleasant experience. However, if the gears do not function smoothly, it will spoil your bicycle riding experience. Also, if you do not know to adjust the gears yourself, you can get it done by a mechanic, but it will cost you your time and money. Adjusting the bike gears is a very simple procedure and you should know it, so that you do not get stuck up because improper adjustment of the gear.

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