How to Adjust Binoculars

Most of us own a pair of binoculars. We use binoculars to watch a match, or while hunting or even while trekking etc. It is used to view the objects, people or routes or structures that are far away, and out of sight for normal eye view. Binoculars use telescopes or refracting lenses, and serves as a magnifying glass. These refracting lenses are placed side by side, so that you can hold it right in front of your eyes. In most of the binoculars there is a prism placed in each tube. These prisms change the direction of the light beam, and present the image upright. However, the binoculars need to be adjusted correctly, so that you can see the right object you are targeting. For these adjustments, you do not need any expert to adjust your binoculars. You yourself can learn how to adjust binoculars and make any adjustments that you need, any time.

You do not need any major instruments to adjust your binoculars. All the adjustments can be done easily without any equipment. You can get the exact view only when your binoculars are adjusted correctly.

The binoculars are adjusted according to your face, so that it comes in line with your eye sight. Here are some adjustments you need to make with your binoculars, so that you project exactly what you want to.


  • There is a dial on your binocular. You need to rotate it to adjust your binocular’s diopter.
  • The dial is usually on the right side or on the knob for center-focus.
  • It is the measurement unit used to measure the lenses magnifying capacity.
  • The diopter setting also helps in compensating for the optical disparity of the eyes, by improving the sharpness.

Facial Settings:

  • The distance or spacing between your eyes and the spacing between the barrels or tubes of the binocular needs to be equal.
  • Place the binocular in front of your eyes, just as you would, to see something.
  • Hold the barrels and move it close or apart, as you need it. Move the barrels till you get to see one single circular view or field. This means that two barrels should not partition your view; it should give you one single view.
  • Before using it, every time you need to adjust the binoculars for facial setting.

Eye Cups:

  • There are these rubber eye-cups on the eye pieces. These eye cups can be adjusted by simply rotating or folding it.
  • The eye cup adjustment provides you with more space or distance over the eyepieces, and is suitable for those who have specs.
  • Rotating the eye cups down will flatten the eye piece.
  • You can then place this flattened eye piece on the spectacle lenses to get a glimpse of what you want to see.

Diopter Setting:

  • To start with, the diopter settings, the diopter ring has to be set at zero.
  • Now, cover the lens on the right side with a cap and try to see what you want to from the left lens with both your eyes.
  • Seeing through the left lens, the focus ring needs to be adjusted till you get a clear and sharp view.
  • Once the left lens is adjusted, cover it with the cap and repeat the same procedure with the right lens.
  • While adjusting the diopter settings you need to keep your eyes relaxed.
  • Once you have adjusted both the lenses, you get a clear sharp view.

These simple adjustments will help you get a clear, sharp picture of what you wish to see. After reading these instructions, isn’t it clear that adjustment of a binocular is very simple, and can be done easily by you. Adjust it properly to get that beautiful sharp clear view.

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