How to Adjust BMX Brakes

It is not just the car brakes or bike brakes that need to be taken care of. The bicycle brakes also need to be maintained well because failure of the bicycle brakes might also lead to a fatal accident. Bicycles usually use BMX brakes. These are also known as the U-brakes, as these brakes are located at the front forks and hind tire. These brakes are used extensively and need  to be maintained. The brake pads and the brake fittings need to be checked on a regular basis. You can keep a check on the brakes if you know how to adjust bmx brakes. While adjusting the brakes the brake pads need to be taken care of. These brake pads need to touch the rim completely for a perfect and safe braking system.

You need an Allen Wrench- 5mm and a set of Pliers to adjust the bmx brakes of your bicycle. Besides this, before unscrewing any nuts or parts of the brakes, note the fittings properly so that you can place them back as they were.

How to adjust bmx brakes?

  • The cycle’s brake arm and the cycle’s brake cable has to be disconnected. There is a lock on this brake cable which needs to be unscrewed using your hand. After unscrewing the lock, pull out the cable from the cable housing.
  • Using the Allen wrench, loosen the bolt on the cycle’s spring housing. The bolt size is 5mm, so use the right wrench.
  • Turn the spring housing to let the cycle’s brake pads move, apart from the cycle’s rim. Keep turning the housing until the pad is completely moved away.
  • Using the Allen wrench, tighten this spring housing, and let the brake pads stay open.
  • Coming to the brake arm, put the brake cable back, and from the opposite side of this brake arm, pull it out. Place the lock back with your hand after pulling the cable out.
  • Half open the brakes cable adjuster. The knob on the cycle’s brake system should spin and settle at the center.
  • Using the Allen wrench, loosen the brake’s spring housing. With your hands push down the cycle’s brake arm so that it touches the rim. Now the cycle’s brake pads should be parallel or align with the cycle’s rim.
  • When the pads settle parallel to the rim, start pulling the brake cable in opposite direction of the cycle’s cable pincher. When it is pulled completely, tighten it with the help of pliers. Check the brakes, and if the brakes are very tight, you can loosen it by loosening the brake’s barrel adjuster.
  • Generally, keeping the brakes tight is advisable because brakes are used frequently, and they tend to get loose after some time.
  • Keeping the brakes loose initially will lead to early wearing out of brakes, and you will have to adjust the brakes again very soon.

The bmx brakes can be adjusted easily following the instructions given above. However, make sure that while pulling the cables, you pull it with a light hand and not forcefully that the cables break. Also check all the screws that you replace. Using a lubricant on the screws will not let the screws rust and jam. Also, before riding your bicycle on the road, check the brakes of the bicycle. Never take your bicycle, bike or any other vehicle, directly onto the road, after making any adjustments with any of its parts or brakes.

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