How to Adjust Cabinet Hinges

Cabinet door hinges need adjustments after being used for some time. We usually tend to keep the cabinets packed, which affects the hinges. Also, over the time, due to continuous use of the cabinet, opening and closing the cabinet doors, the hinges tend to get loose, or sometimes the cabinet door does not close properly, etc. Also, when you get a new cabinet, you might need to fit it yourself, or need some specific adjustments. It is good if you know how to adjust cabinet hinges, so that you can adjust your cabinet as per your convenience and do not need a carpenter to do it for you.

There are screws on the inner side of the door that attach the hinges to the door. These screws will help you adjust the hinges of the cabinet. You just need a Screwdriver according to size of the screw head. With this screw driver, you can easily adjust your cabinet hinges.

How to adjust cabinet hinges?

  • Open the cabinet door completely. There are two screws that fit the hinge on the door. Firstly, check these two screws. Make sure these screws are tight, using the screwdriver.
  • Next step is to check your cabinet door movement. Lift the open door upwards, or lower it. There is one screw right at the center of the hinge. This screw holds the hinge to the base of the cabinet.
  • While lifting the door up or down, if the door moves properly, then just check if the screw is fitted properly. If it is loose, tighten it.
  • If the cabinet door does not smoothly move upwards or downwards, then you will have to make lateral adjustments.
  • Unscrew the screw on the hinge, adjust the door accordingly and again fit the screws. Check the door once again, and finally tighten the hinge screws completely.
  • Next adjustment will be moving the door of the cabinet outwards and inwards. When you move it out and in, you can see a screw just to the left side of the center screw. This screw helps the door move outwards and inwards. Again, you can loosen it with the screwdriver, or tighten it as per your requirement.
  • After the inward, outward, upper and lower adjustments are done, you need to check it for sideways adjustments. There is a screw to the right side of the center screw of the hinge on the front side of the cabinet. This screw helps the door move sideways. Adjust this screw as per your requirement.
  • After all the screws are checked and adjusted, close the door and check it comparing it to the other cabinet door. If it fits in properly, and does not have any problems in moving, the door is adjusted completely.

Using a screwdriver you can easily adjust the cabinet hinges.

Sometimes the only problem with the hinges is that it makes sound. In this case, you do not need to loosen or tighten any screws. This is because of the friction. You need to use a lubricant to get rid of that irritating sound. Any oil like sewing machine oil or even hair oil, will work. Open the cabinet door, pour a few drops of oil on the hinges. Place a paper below it while pouring oil, so that the oil does not spill on the floor, or anywhere in the cabinet. Open and close the door a few times so that the hinge is lubricated properly and the sound stops.

In this very simple manner, you can easily adjust the hinges of the cabinet and you do not need any carpenter or expert for this.

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