How to Adjust Car Headlights

The car headlights need to be in proper position, so that you do not face any problem while driving the car in the dark. Sometimes after a servicing, or a minor repair, the headlights of the car might need adjustment. If you know how to adjust car headlights, you do not need to rush to a mechanic. The headlights positioning can be adjusted by the screws given on the headlight assembly. It needs an adjuster kit available especially for headlights, but you can still adjust it using your screwdriver.

You will also need your car manual, to know how the car headlight is fitted because some cars have different ways of fitting the headlights, and thus different ways of adjusting it. To help you with this read the instructions given below to adjust the headlight of the car.

  • Park the car where you would like to work on it. The face of the car should be towards the wall or the door of the garage.
  • Locate the adjustment screw on the headlight. Usually this screw is located on the bottom and sides of the headlights. However, some cars might have a different fitting, and you can refer to the car user manual to find out the same.
  • Usually there is a small screw that fixes the headlight of the car with the assembly, and there are two big screws that help you adjust the headlight vertically and horizontally.
  • Rather than two screws, some cars have a single screw for the horizontal and vertical adjustment of the headlight.
  • Now switch on the headlights of the car. The headlight should be in a straight line on the opposite door or wall.
  • If the beam of light is lowered or tilted, adjust it by tightening or loosening the adjustment screw. When the light is exactly in a straight line, tighten the screw at that position itself.
  • Adjust the other headlamp in the same way. After adjusting both the headlights, check it once again, and readjust if needed.


  • Some headlights are not adjustable. The car user manual gives details about this. Before fidgeting with it, read the car owner’s manual provided to you.
  • Some new models provide specific ‘level’ marked in the assembly of the headlamp, which helps you adjust the headlight of the car easily and accurately.

Isn’t it very simple? You do not need any professional tool kit too. The screwdriver set at your home will be sufficient. If you have any problem in holding the headlamp at the right, position and tightening the screw you can take help from someone. However, you do not need any mechanic for this. Check the headlights of your car and adjust it yourself with these simple instructions.

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