How to Adjust Casio Watch Band

Casio watches are one of the most preferred watches. These are very durable, stylish and many people all over the world prefer to buy these watches. Casio watches have many models and designs for all age groups, classes and different needs. It has digital as well as analog style watches. Casio watches always keeps adding to its range of watches. It adds new features, new designs and keeps upgrading the choices made to customers. They provide all range of designs suiting the needs of all customers; for example, sportswear, business wear, casuals, elegant, etc. however, one problem that the Casio watch owners have is that the belt of their watches is very long. Their watches do not fit properly on their wrists. The buckle strap watches are easier to adjust for the wrist length because only the buckle pin needs to be adjusted to adjust the watch band. Casio watches with metal watch bands are a bit difficult to adjust. However, this does not mean that you cannot wear a Casio watch if the watch belt does not fit on your hand. The watch band can be adjusted with simple tools.

You need some very basic equipment to adjust the watchband of your Casio watch such as:

  • A tool to remove the watch pin
  • Pliers used for jewelry, or pliers used for watch
  • A piece of soft cloth
  • A screwdriver with flat head

How to adjust Casio watch band?

  • Before you start adjusting it, place the watchband on your hand and mark the number of links that you will have to remove to adjust the length of the watch band.
  • To begin with the procedure of adjusting the watch band, you need a flat surface where you can place the watch easily and work with it. Something like a table and you can sit on a chair upright and easily work with it.
  • Now place the soft cloth you have on this table or flat surface. This helps prevent the watch from any scratches or damage while making the adjustments.
  • Place your watch on this soft cloth in such a way that the Casio of the watch is towards the left side and the face of the watch is on the cloth and not towards you.
  • On the left hand side of the watchband there is a clasp. Using the tool to remove the pin of the watch you need to get the pin out, so that the clasp is free. Now place the clasp and pin separately, and work on the watchband.
  • Now there are some watch links that have an arrow printed on the hind side. To adjust the length of your Casio watch band you can remove these links.
  • Between two watch links, there is a ‘retaining clip’. This clip joins the watch links. The small tiny pin on the head of the link is the retaining clip. You will have to remove these pins to detach the links.
  • Hold the watchband tight using your one hand, and with the other hand, you need to pressurize the retaining pin out of the link. The direction that the arrow marks is the direction in which you need to push out the pin. You cannot push out the pins directly; the screwdriver mentioned above will be needed for this.
  • With the screw driver, the pins can be pushed out to a certain extent only. After that, the jewelry pliers mentioned above will be needed to pull the retaining pin out.
  • While removing the links, you have to maintain a balance. This means, do not adjust the length of the watchband only by removing the links from one side of the watch band. From both the sides of the watchband, you will have to remove equal number of links. Continue doing this until you get the desired length of the watchband.
  • Do not throw away these links. Keep it safely because if you have any problem with the watch band in future, you can use these extra links that you had detached. Finding links of similar sizes and designs is difficult and many times impossible.
  • Now the clasp and the link pin that you had removed needs to be replaced as it was before detaching it from the watchband. Push the pin tightly in the link and clasp and check for any loose pins.

Basically, you just need jewelry pliers that will help you detach the extra links owing to which the watchband is lengthy, and does not fit on your wrist. Do not hesitate the watch you like just because the watch band is lengthy. You can adjust it as per the required length and wear the watch you like.

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