How to Adjust Clock

The wall clock or alarm clock is not just a mere show piece that adds to the beauty of your living room, but it also helps you maintain a discipline and schedule. Ever wondered if the wall clock stops showing the right time, or your alarm does not ring at the scheduled time, how messed up will your life be. Many times, the wall clock is just catching dust because it fails to show the right time. You can bring it back to use by adjusting the pendulum or any other adjustment if you know how to adjust clock.

In most of the wall clocks, the major adjustment is with the clock pendulum. This simple adjustment will help you get your clock back in working condition.

How to adjust clock or clock pendulum?

  • To adjust the clock, firstly check the timing in your clock. Using your mobile phone or computer clock or any other resource, set the time on the clock.
  • After setting the time, check the key of the clock. The key should be wound completely. If the key is wound correctly, you can also hear the ticking sound of the clock.
  • After this, swing the pendulum a bit to the left hand side, to start the functioning of the pendulum.
  • After having done this, check your clock again after 24 hours. Match the timings of the clock with the timing of the mobile clock or computer clock. If it is the same, then your clock is okay.
  • If the clock’s timing does not match the clock used to adjust this time, note down the time difference.
  • If the time difference is just 1-2 minutes, just ignore it because pendulum clock cannot be more accurate than this.
  • If the time difference is more than this, only then you need to adjust the clock.
  • Hold the pendulum of the clock with your hand. Below the bob, there is a ‘rate nut’. Bob is the round shaped weight at the end of the pendulum. Some pendulums also have a nut on the top. That nut has nothing to do with the adjustment.
  • If the clock is ahead of the time, you need to move this rate nut to the left. The bob will move downwards on the pendulum and the clock will get slow.
  • If the clock is slow, then move this rate nut to right side. Turning the rate nut to the right will lift the bob up and speed up the movement of the pendulum.
  • Usually, one turn of the rate nut is equal to one minute in pendulum clocks. However, you might need to check this for your clock.
  • Again, check the time after 24 hours. You might have to repeat the rate nut rotation for a few days to understand how many turns does your clock need to match the time of any other referring clock.
  • Once this adjustment is done, your clock’s time difference should not be more than 1-2 minutes.
  • Every time you wind the clock key, set the minute hand of the clock at the right position.

With this simple adjustment of the pendulum, you can adjust the clock, and save it from lying useless in your house. These clocks look elegant in drawing rooms and give an antique look.

Do not just abandon your clock because it is not showing the right time. Now you can adjust it and get it back in use.

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