How to Adjust Clutch Pedal

The clutch is that part of your car that helps in power transmission, and thus in car motion. It transmits the power from the driving component to the driven component. While driving, you do not drive at a constant speed or a constant gear. You tend to change the gear of the car and speed as per the requirement. Clutch is used when the motion of the car or transmission has to be controlled or interfered with. The clutch pedal provided in the car (from left to right accelerator, brake, clutch), helps you control the car motion. While shifting between gears you need to press the clutch pedal, and then switch the gear. These clutch pedals usually have a standard setting, but if you face any difficulty in switching between gears or in using the clutch, you might need to make some adjustments with the clutch pedal. You can get this done by a mechanic. However, if you are a kind of person who loves your car and likes fixing such problems himself/herself, you should know how to adjust clutch pedal. To fix the clutch pedal yourself, reading the instructions about clutch pedal adjustment given below will prove helpful to you.

There are two simple methods in general for all clutch pedals.

1st Method:

  1. Place your foot beneath the car’s clutch pedal.
  2. Do not pressurize much, but try lifting the pedal upwards towards the steering. Lift it till it moves up without any force.
  3. Test the shifting of the clutch. The self adjusting clutches in many cars can be adjusted with this simple method.

However, if you are not happy with this method you can opt for a second method.

2nd Method:

  1. Open the door of your car and kneel down besides it. While you kneel down, the dashboards of the car are easily visible to you.
  2. Push the car’s clutch pedal down with the right hand and hold it there.
  3. Locate the assembly that suspends the car’s clutch pedal, over the shaft of the pedal. There is a hook on the assembly.
  4. Holding the car’s clutch pedal downwards with one hand, push this hook upwards with the other hand, till you hear a click. One click would be enough.
  5. Now, release the pedal. Check if it is functioning, and if you still have any problems, you can readjust it. You can opt for the default adjustment of the pedal. For going back to default adjustment, lift the pedal by your toe. Lift it as high as you can. Stop where the pedal does not move any further. This will reset the adjustment of the pedal to default settings.

For some cars, the adjustment of this pedal varies. For example, in ‘five-speed manual transmission’ cars, and to be specific, in Honda Accord, the adjustment of the pedal of the clutch is different. However, it is not very difficult. Reading the instructions given below, you can adjust the pedal easily.

With reference to Honda Accord: Clutch Pedal Adjustment:

  1. If the clutch is not functioning smoothly, you must check the clutch fluid. When you lift the hood of the car, in front of the passenger side, you can see two reservoirs. The second reservoir of the two has clutch fluid. If the clutch fluid in this reservoir is lower than recommended, fill in the reservoir with clutch fluid up to the mark.
  2. Besides filling it, you must also check it for any leakage. If the reservoir leaks, you have to replace the reservoir. Get rid of the air bubbles in the car’s clutch system. While doing so, keep pushing down the clutch pedal.
  3. There is a pedal adjuster just where the pedal and the master cylinder meet. There is an adjusting nut on this adjuster. Turning the nut with a pair of pliers or wrench in clockwise direction, will help you adjust the pedal.
  4. After every turn of this adjuster nut, test the pedal’s functioning, to check if you need further adjustments in the pedal.
  5. Test it for the final time before you wind up everything.

Adjusting the height of the pedal:

Besides this, you can also adjust the pedal’s height. Loosening the adjuster nut, will help you raise the height of the pedal. This is needed if you are not very tall and your foot does not reach the pedal easily. Raising the pedal upwards will help you drive easily. Check for the functioning of the clutch.

Adjusting the pedal of the clutch is easy. The user’s manual provided along with the car, will also provide you information of any particular adjustment for the car. Look out for the user manual if you feel that the adjustments might vary with your car.

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