How to Adjust Door Hinges

The door hinges after some time needs certain adjustments, because the door does not close properly, or the hinges make sound, or any such problems. Also, if the latch of the door does not close properly, it is usually the hinge side that needs adjustment. Usually, people start fidgeting with the latch, but it is the hinges that actually create problems in closing the door latch. Wooden door after coming in contact with water, tend to swell up and again the hinges need an adjustment. Sometimes, when the door was originally fitted, it might not be fitted accurately and creates problems in closing. The door tends to bend downwards with the passage of time, and it rubs the floor making an irritating sound. All these problems with the door can be solved, without the help of a carpenter, if you know how to adjust door hinges.

The door hinges need to be shimmed or either sunken low, as per the requirement. The hinge might also need to be repositioned on the door’s jamb, which will enable the pins of the hinge turn. Sometimes you might need to use some more screws in the hinge holes to tighten the door. The adjustments vary with the door problems, and can be sorted easily.

You would need the following equipments to adjust the door hinges:

  • Screwdriver
  • Power drill
  • Chisel
  • Wood Shims
  • Pilot bit
  • Hammer
  • Wood plugs
  • Razor knife
  • Wood screws 3 inch long

Analyze the problem:

To begin with any adjustment, first try to find out what is the problem with the door.

  • Stand near the hinges of the door.
  • Close and open the door slowly to check the movement of the door and the hinges.
  • Check the movement, position and condition of the hinges while opening and closing the door. The hinges should be stable at the jamb and the screws of the hinges should be tight.

Condition 1: Hinge is below the wood level in doorjamb:

In this condition, you need to adjust the hinge in the following way:

  • Loosen the screws holding the plate to shim up hinge plates of the door. For this, you will have to slide two wooden shims beneath the hinge between the hinge screws, so that the wood and the plate are in the same level.
  • Screw this plate down backwards. Repeat the same procedure for the other hinge as well, if required.

Condition 2: Hinge is above the wood level in the door jamb:

  • To rectify this problem, remove the hinge plates and the door completely from the door frame.
  • Using a chisel, shave off a thin layer from the hinge frame of the door. This is necessary so that the door’s hinge plate sits accurately in the hinge frame on the door.
  • Place the door and the hinge plate back, and check the adjustments. If needed, chisel a layer again. However, in the first place, do not chisel a thick layer because too much of it might render the door unusable.

Condition 3: Positioning of the hinge is far away which leads to rubbing of the pin and the doorjamb:

  • Remove the door by unscrewing the hinges of the door.
  • In the existing holes for the screws, using a hammer, tap in wood plugs. Level the wood plugs using a razor knife.
  • Place the door back and the screw holes of the hinges should face the hinges of the door.
  • Using a drill, make new holes for the screws depending on the hinges, and screw the hinge plate in position again.

Condition 4: The hinge screws spin while tightening it

  • First remove a single screw from one of the hinges.
  • Instead of this screw, fit in a wooden screw, 3 inch long. Sink it in completely in the jamb, using the screwdriver bit and the drill.
  • Repeat this for the other screws that are spinning, or loose, one by one.

The door adjustment is easy. You might need a helping hand in case the door is too heavy. Wooden and metal doors are heavy as compared to fiber doors. However, the wooden and metal doors need adjustment after being used for some time, because of the weight of the door and exposure to water. Try these door hinges adjustment tips next time you have any trouble with the door.

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