How to Adjust Floyd Rose

Playing tunes on a Floyd Rose is a wonderful experience; however, you also need to make some adjustments with your Floyd Rose. If you own it, I suggest you should know how to adjust a Floyd Rose. You need not take your guitar to the repair store, every time for some minor adjustments. Knowing how to adjust Floyd Rose is also necessary because, if sometimes while playing in a concert, or in front of a group of people, your Floyd Rose needs some adjustment, you can do it yourself.

Read the instructions given below that will help you adjust your Floyd Rose. You just need an Allen Wrench for adjusting it.

  • There is a nut that joins the headstock and the neck. You need to unscrew this nut. Turning the nut in anticlockwise direction until it loosens completely will help you unlock the nuts.
  • Unlocking the nuts will enable you to adjust the Floyd Rose without getting in contact with the strings. These nuts fasten the strings of the guitar and help you play tunes on your guitar.
  • Next step is loosening the fine tuners. These are located on the tremolo. Turn these in anticlockwise direction till the tuners stop moving. After this, start moving the tuners in clockwise direction just half turn.
  • The tuners help in fine tuning of your guitar. Once you tune the guitar by tightening the nuts and the machine heads, tuners help you tune it further.
  • Now tune the pitch of the guitar by adjusting the headstock tuners. For this, you need to check the face plate. The faceplate and the guitar body should be parallel to each other.
  • If they are not parallel, you will have to adjust it. There is a plastic plate that covers the spring assembly of the Floyd Rose on the hind side, you need to remove it.
  • To relive the string tension, de-tune the strings of the guitar only by half step. Now again check the faceplate’s bridge. This bridge should be tilted backwards. Tighten the screws of the spring.
  • Re-tune the strings that you had de-tuned earlier. Now check the guitar body and face plate for parallelism. If it is still not parallel, follow the next step and if it is fine, skip the next step.
  • On the hind side of the guitar, there are spring screws. They hold the spring tension intact. Loosen it only by a quarter turn. Again, re-tune your guitar. After adjusting the spring tension, you always have to re-tune your guitar. The tuning action changes the faceplate position. Until the faceplate and the guitar body are parallel to each other, repeat this step.
  • After it parallel in position, fix the nuts you had unscrewed. For the final tuning of the guitar, adjust the fine tuner at the hind side.

If you are a regular guitar player and know your guitar well, this will be very easy for you. If you are new to this, take someone’s help while doing it for the first time. Adjusting your Floyd Rose is very simple, isn’t it ?

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