How to Adjust Handlebar Height

The handlebar of the cycle is set at a standard height. However, this can be adjusted with the height of the person, or his/her riding style. Some prefer to set the height of the handle bar low, while some want it at a height, so that they can sit upright and ride the bicycle comfortably. Recreational riders for example require the handlebar at a slightly high position. The racers prefer it to be lowered so that their aerodynamics is enhanced. The basic point is, while riding the bicycle you must feel comfortable. If you have to lean too much or raise your shoulders very high it will lead to many problems like back ache, ache in the lower neck position, etc. It might also lead to internal injuries. To avoid all this, you can adjust the handlebars of the cycle, and if you know how to adjust the handlebar height, you do not have to depend on any cycle mechanic. You also save the efforts of explaining the mechanic about the height of the cycle handlebar, and adjusting and readjusting it again and again.

Some sports bicycles have lowered handlebars, while other normal ones have handlebars as per the standard height. However, you can adjust the height of the handlebar of the normal bicycle as well, if you like lowered handlebars.

Equipments needed to adjust cycle handlebars:

  • Rubber Mallet
  • Allen Wrench – 6mm
  • Screwdriver- flat head

How to adjust handlebar?

  • At the top portion of the stem of the handlebar you can see a tiny bolt. The bolt might not be visible at times when it is covered by dome shaped plastic cover.
  • Remove the cover of the bolt by prying it out using a butter knife, or a flat-head screwdriver.
  • Start turning the bolt using an Allen Wrench, and turn it till it rotates freely. but do not take it off the stem completely.
  • Usually a 6mm wrench helps in loosening this bolt, but you might have to try a few sizes to get the wrench that fits in the bolt completely.
  • If after loosening the bolts, the handlebars are not loose, then using a mallet, gently tap the head of the bolt. The bolt will pop back in the stem, and the handlebars will be loose.
  • Now adjust the height of the handlebar. Pull it up or push it down as per your height requirement.
  • There is usually a mark on the handlebar that indicates the maximum height at which the handlebar can be pulled up. Do not neglect this mark because it is as per the safety guidelines of the rider. Do not try to set the handlebar at a height above this mark, or else it might lead to improper fitting of the handlebar.
  • Straighten the handlebar and see that it is not aligned too much towards one side. For this, you need to get on your cycle stand straight, holding the handle in a straight direction. Check it for alignment and if the handlebar is straight, tighten the bolts you had loosened.
  • Do not forget to check your bicycle before riding it on the streets.

The handlebar adjustment is a very simple procedure. Only the adjusting bolt on the handlebar has to be loosened to adjust the height of the handlebar. You just need a wrench as per the size of the bolt. You do not even need any other person to help you with this because bicycles are not heavy nor do they have many complicated parts. The right adjustment will prevent any injuries to shoulder or backbone. Adjust the handlebar as per your comfort, height and requirement, and enjoy riding your bicycle.

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