How to Adjust Idle Speed

If your car’s engine runs too slow, or too fast, making it hot very fast, there is a problem with the idle speed of the engine. This issue can be sorted if you know how to adjust idle speed.

To adjust the idle speed of your car engine, you need your car manual, air filters, screwdriver set having flat head, and emergency kits provided with the vehicle.

How to adjust idle speed?

  • Firstly, check whether the car you own possesses a carburetor. Mostly all cars designed and manufactured in the last decade have a fuel-injection system. Your car manual will help you check this.
  • Start your car, and let the engine run until it reaches the normal temperature.
  • Once it reaches the normal temperature, turn the car engine off again.
  • Open the cover of the car’s air filter, filter and base. This will give you an access to the engine’s carburetor.
  • You need to locate the screw for idle adjustment. It is usually beneath the idle cam stationed on a spring hinge.
  • It is attached to the engine’s throttle cable. You can see this screw, if you start pulling this cable. You can also ask someone to pressurize the engine’s gas pedal, so that you understand, which screw is affecting the operation of the throttle.
  • Start your car again.
  • Tighten this idle screw of the car by rotating it by half turn in the clockwise direction, if you experience rough idle, or conk in your car.
  • Tightening the screw will increase the idle speed of the car engine.
  • After 30 seconds of this adjustment, check the car’s RPMs using the tachometer of the car.
  • If you find the idle too fast, loosen the idle screw by half turn. It will decrease the idle speeds.
  • Replace the parts back and close the car’s hood.

Idle speed adjustment depends on this one screw. Go for a test drive, before driving on the crowded city roads.

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