How to Adjust Invicta Watchband

Raphael Picard, the founder of Invicta watches, back in 1837 provided watches that are a pleasure to the owner. It is a private company and makes watches that compete with the other big brands in the market, and offer a variety, at reasonable prices. These watches are almost perfect, only for some adjustments needed with the watchband. Usually, it fits well, but sometimes you need to adjust the watchband, so that the watch stays on your wrist. Mostly the watchband never falls short, it is usually loose. You do not need to keep back the Invicta watch you chose, because it did not fit on your wrist. The watchband can be adjusted within few minutes and you can adjust the length of the watchband if you know how to adjust invicta watchband.

Adjusting the length of the watchband does not require any major tools. You need a piece of thick soft cloth, thumbtack or a tool to remove pins of the watch like small pliers, and a magnifying glass if your eyesight is weak.

These simple equipments and the instructions given below will help you adjust the length of the Invicta watchband.

How to adjust Invicta watchband?

  • To adjust the band of the watch, you will have to place it on a flat surface, where it stays still, and you can work on it; for example, a desk or table.
  • The thick soft cloth mentioned above needs to be placed on this surface. This will protect the dial and the body of the watch from any harm while you are adjusting the band.
  • You need proper illumination to work on the watchband. So either have a table lamp placed in front of the watch, or choose an area that had natural sunlight.
  • A metal pin having a spring has a clasp that holds the watchband. Remove this clasp. Using the pin remover tool, pressurize the pin of the watch that holds the clasp. The pin will not come out completely, but it will loosen to let the clasp out.
  • Now place the watch down on the cloth, with the flip side of the watch facing you. Out of all the links of the watch, some links can be removed. They have an arrow engraved on it. This arrow also indicates the direction in which the link has to be pushed, to get the link out of the band.
  • The last link from where you detached the clasp needs to be removed. Using a push pin, or the tool to remove the pins of the watch remove the pins of these links. Remove as many links you need to adjust the watch to fit on your wrist.
  • Alternatively, if you have to increase the length of the band, add more links to it and fix the links by pushing the pins inside. Gently pressurize the pin inwards to fix the links together.
  • Once the length adjustment is done, you will have to place the clasp again. Before attaching the clasp, you can place the watch on your wrist and check it for the right length.
  • Pushing the metal spring loaded pin inside, the clasp and watch links fix together.

This method is applicable to mostly all metal band watches of Invicta, as well as other brands. If the watch has a leather strap, you tighten it by piercing a hole on the strap where it fits on your wrist properly. However, in leather straps, it is not possible to loosen the watchband. You will have to get it replaced and checked, whether you get another long watchband as per the size of your wrist.

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