How to Adjust Margins

We use computer programs for our day-to-day work. Be it preparing reports on excel, presentations on PowerPoint, or preparing some documents on word, we use MS-Office for almost all our tasks. These reports, documents and even presentations need to presented in front of many people in some meeting or discussions, and for that when you project it via a projector, the page should be such that it appears right in the center of the screen. Even while getting a hard copy of these documents you need to set the margins in such a way that the data comes right in the center of the page. For all this, you need to know how to adjust margins. It is not just in Microsoft Word, but the margin adjustments are needed in other applications as well. The instructions given below will help you learn how to adjust margins in Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Open Office.

How to adjust margins in MS Word?

  • Margins allow to adjust the spacing of your content on the word document. It helps you to place the content as per the requirement of the page or print. The top, left, bottom and right margins can be adjusted in MS Word.
  • Open any word document or a new document. You can set the margins before starting the work on the word document or also after you have finished typing on the document.
  • When you open the word document, on the top left hand corner is the ‘File’ option. In this option, you get the ‘Page Setup’ option. Click on Page Setup to get the dialog box.
  • Here you can enter the exact margins you want on all sides of the page, or else even use the arrows to set the margins. For example, up arrow for upward margin.
  • The standard setting of the margin is 1 1/4┬áinch from sides and 1 inch from bottom and top.
  • Click ‘Apply Changes’. Check the margins by clicking on ‘Preview’.
  • If the margins look perfect, then click ‘OK’ and exit the page set up dialog box.

This will set the margins of your word document.

How to adjust margins on Excel?

MS Excel sheets printing might be a headache if the margins are not set correctly. The default margins for Excel sheet is .75 at top and bottom, and 1 inch at the sides. However, as per the size of the page you choose to print, that is A4 or A3 or any other, you will have to set the margins as per your need. The procedure is same. You can set the margins in excel using the ‘Page Set up’ option.

How to adjust margins in PowerPoint?

PowerPoint presentations look very impressive. However, the margin adjustment in PowerPoint is a bit different from the page set up in word document. The margins in PowerPoint need to be adjusted to avoid any cropping or over lapping while printing, and ensure that you print the entire slide on one page.


  • Open the PowerPoint application by clicking on ‘Start’ menu, followed by ‘All Programs’, ‘Microsoft Office’ and ‘Microsoft PowerPoint’.
  • On the top of the PowerPoint page, there is an option, which reads ‘Design’.
  • Under this option, you get the option ‘Page Setup’. On clicking ‘Page Setup’, you get the dialog box or window for page setup.
  • Choose the option ‘Slides Sized For’, and then the sub-option ‘Custom’.
  • Enter the margin values in the dialog box and hit ‘OK’.
  • This will set the margins as per your requirement. Opt for a Print Preview before printing the slides.

How to adjust Margins using Open Office?

  • Choose a new document in your Open Office software, which opens up a blank document.
  • Right at the top, you can see an option ‘Format’. Click on it, to get a drop down menu.
  • Choose the option ‘Page’ from this menu and a box appears on screen.
  • At the lower left side, you can see an option ‘Margins’ on the box.
  • Type in the values of margins that you want, or using the top, down, right and left arrows, adjust the margins.
  • At the end of the box, there is an ‘OK’ button, which sets the margins as required.

Next time you won’t need anybody’s help to set the margins of your page and you also won’t be embarrassed to get in appropriate prints of your documents.

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