How to Adjust Photo

Photographs have to be used at different places for different purposes. A photo clicked at a particular place and particular time for some purpose can be used again for some other purpose as well by making some adjustments in it. There are many softwares and also professionals who help you make adjustments to your photograph. However, you too can make some adjustments as per your requirement if you know or learn how to adjust photo.

There are many adjustments that you need to make in a photo. Sometimes you will have to adjust the size, the color, the background and resolution of the page. You can manage to make all these adjustments in your photo by learning some simple techniques to adjust photos. I have jotted down few common adjustments with photographs that you usually need. These tips and procedures will help you adjust your photo yourself.

Adjusting photograph’s resolution:

  • For adjusting the resolution of your digital image, you need the graphic editing program. Right click on the image and select open with graphic editing program, for example Photoshop.
  • Next, click on the image and check the commands given to edit the image. There are many options given
  • Choose the ‘image size’ option given in Photoshop. In other similar programs, the option will be available, and named similarly.
  • Here you can change the resolution of the image. Type the resolution that you want in the blocks given for it. Click ‘Ok’ to set this resolution for this image.
  • You need to save this image with the ‘Save as’ option. This will not hamper your original file. If you hit ‘Save’ directly, it will make changes in the original copy, which you might not want. Hence use the ‘Save as’ option.

In this way, you can adjust the resolution of your picture using any graphic editor.

Adjusting photograph for newsprint:

Formatting an image for newsprint requires you to follow certain specifications. It is very different from formatting photographs for any other print or digital media. News print photographs demand specific formatting so that the photograph looks appropriate in the newspaper. It requires the photograph to be in CMYK profile, and must possess certain set quality, contrast and color specifications. Digital camera pictures can be edited for newsprint, using the ‘digital photo editing software’.

  • Open your image with Photoshop, Corel, Picasa or any such software.
  • As per the photo size you need for your newspaper, you need to resize you photo. Start resizing it by first setting it to 170 DPI.
  • If your image in the paper will appear in 4X3 rectangle, your image should be 680 pixels in width and 510 pixels in length. 680 = 170X4 and 510 = 170 X 3. That is, multiply the dimensions with 170. So if it is 5X6, then your image size will be 5X170 and 6X170.
  • Some agencies need specific DPI, rather than this standard DPI. In that case, you need to multiply the dimension by the DPI, given by the agency.
  • After resizing, adjust the brightness and the contrast of the image. Adjust it till it looks perfect on the screen. The brightness and contrast of the image should be around 20% higher than that of a normal image onscreen.
  • Using the ‘unsharp mask’ of your software, sharpen the photograph. 180% sharpness along with 2 pixel radius and 2 level thresholds is standard, and will be probably best for any newsprint. However, there are exceptions to this as well.
  • Mostly a digital photo is set to RGB that is Red Green Blue. You need to change this to CMYK that is Cyan Magenta Yellow Black. This is a must for any print media. This setting is usually named as ‘color mode’ or ‘color space’ in the menu.

This will help you adjust your photograph for newsprint.

Adjusting photograph for print (hardcopy):

The quality of a photograph or the clarity is known when you get a hardcopy of it. The PPI or DPI of an image determines the quality of an image on printing. You can always adjust this if you need to print any photograph. Read the instruction given below that will help you adjust your photo.

  • Every camera has a set digital resolution for the image. Mostly cameras capture images large in width and height but low on resolution. For example, an image of 42X28 inches will have only 72 ppi (pixels per inch). This setting helps you capture more images.
  • Though such big pictures are clicked, you usually do not get it printed that big. If you print it, the quality will definitely be poor. 72 ppi is apt for screen viewing only.
  • Usually the size opted for print is 8.5X11 inches. You can adjust it by the option ‘Image Size’ under Menu-Image-Image Size. Resizing the actual image to this standard size would increase your pixels to around 300 ppi and give you a better print than the original.
  • Save it using the ’save as’ option to make a duplicate file, rather than overwriting the original file.

These are some basic adjustments you need to make in a photograph. Try it out next time, and make the adjustments yourself.

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