How to Administer an Injection

How to administer an injection  is a highly easy and a simple procedure commonly followed in medical practice. There are various kinds of injections, which have to be administered as per their specified dosage. The majority of the crowd believes that an injection is a painful way of medication; however it would not be a painful experience if the person knows how to administer an injection. A simple kind of guiding principle is to be followed while administering the injection.

Purpose of Administering an Injection: The main motive behind administering an injection is to provide an easy and simple way of medication. When injectable medications are compared to the other kinds of medication such as oral medication method, antibiotic therapies, then the injectable medications are much more beneficial than others. The injectable medication gets dissolved into the system very rapidly since it is passing all the way through the muscles. The injections should be given at a specific site so as to avoid any kind of pain and irritation after the injection of medication into the muscle. Therefore, it is very essential to know how to administer injections.

Essential Necessities about How to Administer an Injection: Prior to the administering of the injections you should be well aware about the essential requirements for carrying out the medication. The essential requirements should at hand while the medication procedure is carried out. The required necessities for administering the injection are as follows:

  • Needle for injecting the medicine and it must be around 0.22 gauge needles
  • Diabetic syringes or 3 cc syringes
  • Medicine bottle
  • Napkins and paper towels for preparing or mixing the medication and placing the requirements for medication
  • Alcohol swabs
  • Adhesive bandages
  • Emergency tray
  • Disposable trash for used needles and syringes

Procedure of How to Administer an Injection: You must be well aware about the specified procedure of administering an injection. If the medication procedure is carried out in a prescribed way then you will not experience or feel any kind of irritation and pain. Usually, you must see the length of the injection as it is injected into the muscular tissues in order to avoid certain kind of pain.

  • Gather round all the essential requirements such as the needle, syringes, alcohol swab, prep pads, napkins or paper towels, band-aid, emergency tray and the medication that is to be injected.
  • In addition, check the expiry date of the medication that is to be injected. Also go through the dosage for proper preparation of the medication.
  • Now wash your hands with water and soap. Lay down the napkin or paper towels to start the mixing or preparation of the medication.
  • You should know that the hypodermic needle is just similar to the precision tapered steel tube, which is attached to a steel or plastic funnel.
  • Prior to the beginning of the procedure you must check the needle and ensure that it has a sharp point and it is not blunt.
  • Attach the syringe to the needle and pull some air into the syringe as well as pull out an equivalent amount of medicated drugs into the syringe.
  • Select a proper site for administering the injection. Later on, clean that site with an alcohol swab for injecting the medication. Allow it to dry on its own rather than using certain external factors such as blow, fan, etc.
  • Tap the needle slightly so as to get certain air bubbles at the tip of the needle and then push out the air.
  • Select a proper site for injecting the medication. Take a pinch of skin and push the needle into the skin at a 90 degree angle.
  • Gently pull out the needle in the same direction with an outward motion and place the alcohol swab on the injected site. Rotate the alcohol swab in a circular motion for about five seconds so that the medicine gets assimilated into the body rapidly.
  • Check that blood is not coming out and put a band-aid over the injected site.
  • Dispose the needle and syringe into the medical trash bin after the medication procedure is complete.

Different Types of Injections: There are different types of injections and the procedure of administering those injections is different from each other. Therefore, you must know how to administer the injection for properly carrying out the medication. The different types of injections are as follows:

  • Subcutaneous Injections: The subcutaneous injection is injected into the fatty layered tissues that are just below the skin. The medication should be given on the arms as the muscles consist of fatty tissues. The site that is to be injected should be disinfected by an alcohol swab and allowed to dry on its own. Later on, the subcutaneous injection is given at a 45 degree angle so as to avoid certain kind of pain.
  • Intramuscular Injection: The intramuscular injection is administered in the muscular parts of thighs or buttocks region. The medication should be given at a specified site and that site should be disinfected by an alcohol swab. Then inject the needle in a 90 degree angle to avoid certain kind of irritation.


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