How to Administer an Intramuscular Injection

How to administer an intramuscular injection is a preferred course or method of administering a medication.  Generally, intramuscular injection is used as a medication and is administered at a specified position of a specific muscle. Therefore, in this process the blood vessels delivering that specified muscle dispense the injected medicine all the way through the cardiovascular system. Administering the dosage of intramuscular injections medication is extremely important, as this medication is highly rapid as well as long lasting. However, administering the medications for im injections might cause irritation to the subcutaneous tissue and therefore it should be provided in the deeper section of the muscular tissues.

Purpose of Intramuscular Injections: An intramuscular injection is a specified shot of medication and that too, in a certain region of the muscular tissue. The main motive of the im injection is that it has to direct or distribute certain amount of medication. This kind of specific medication is given through a suggested route of direction such as intravenous, oral or subcutaneous. Therefore, how to administer intramuscular injection is important because the intramuscular pathway provides a quicker rate of assimilation rather than the subcutaneous pathway. In addition, even the muscular tissues cannot easily hold a greater proportion of fluid drugs without uneasiness and pain as they assimilate the medication at a slower pace as well as the effect of it is too slow.

Required Necessities for Administering Intramuscular Injections: How to administer an im injection is highly essential as well as one should also know about the essential necessities, while administering the intramuscular injections. The required necessities for administering an intramuscular injection are as follows:

  • The specified amount of medicated drug that is to be injected
  • The alcohol prep pad
  • The gauze or the band-aid
  • Syringe
  • Needle and it should be 22g or 21g plus it must be 1 ½ inches long

Procedure of How to Administer Intramuscular Injections: The intramuscular injection is a specified drug that needs to be injected in the deeper section of the muscular tissues. These im injections are highly essential as such; the activity of the medicated drugs is extremely fast and absorbing. There is a specified procedure about how to administer intramuscular injections and which is as follows:

  • Initially, gather all the essential requirements that you need. Be assured that you check the expiry date along with the dosage provided. The essential requirements that are gathered are medication of the drug, needle that must be 21g or 22g and it must be 1 1/2 inches long, syringe, prep pad, band-aid, gauze and alcohol.
  • Secondly, wash your hands and start preparing the medication of the drugs. In addition, these kind of medicated drugs require proper room temperature prior to administration.
  • Thirdly, take a new, clean or hygienic needle and mix the medication as per the instructions provided. Now pull some amount of air in the new syringe as well as draw an equivalent amount of medicated drugs into the syringe. Later on, slightly tap the new syringe to acquire certain air bubbles to the tip near the needle and then push out the air.
  • Fourthly, locate a region on the body to give the im shot. Therefore to provide the intramuscular injection the body is divided into four regions on every side of the body. The intramuscular injection is given in the thigh, nearby hip region, in buttocks as well as in the upper arm muscle.
  • If the im injection is given in the thigh, then split this body section into three portions in between the knee and the hip. Use the central part as the site for the im medication.
  • If the intramuscular injection is given in the upper section of the arm then locate the bone at the crest or top along with the region leveled with the arm pit. The im injection is given at the junction where these areas meet and that too, in the outer section of the arm.
  • If the im injection is to be given in the muscular part of buttock region then lie down on your stomach and split the buttock into quadrants. Then you can give the medication of im injection in the superior or upper quadrant, outer quadrant as well as more or less in the direction of the hip.
  • Now select the proper region for administering the medication of im injection. The selected region for medication must be free of blemish, wounds and bumps.
  • Later on, clean the selected region of im injection with alcohol pad and allow it to dry.  Avoid any kind of immediate process of drying as the bacteria gets pushed on to that selected medication region.
  • Now get a hold on the muscle of the medication site and spread the skin with your fingers and thumb. Inject the im injections needle immediately at a 90 degree angle. Pull back the plunger to see that any blood has entered the syringe. If there is no trace of blood then just insert the im needle; otherwise if you find any trace of blood then remove the im needle and restart the procedure.
  • Put the needle into the regular garbage bin after the medication. Make use of the gauze to dab the blood and then cover it up with a band-aid.

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