How to Apply for Amazing Race

Amazing race is a game show, with two teams of people who are related, and they compete with other teams while racing the world. The contestants have to reach every destination as early as possible; if they come late then there is a high risk of elimination. The contestants travel around the world with various modes to commute. They have clues on every level, which will lead them to their next path. The winning team gets price money of 1 million dollars.

This show was first telecasted in 2001, and won eight Emmy Awards in the debut season. In the game, there will be various teams with two people per team. The two people are related to each other. They choose partners like divorced couple, child and parent, co-workers and friends. Initially the teams are allotted amount of money to reach to their first clue. However, during the remaining time, if they fall short of cash the crew members have 200 dollars, which they can use.

The entire game has various clues to reach their destination for the next clue. They have tiny envelopes placed at some distance asking them to follow a certain route. Every year the show introduces some new twist in the show. The latest was the SwitchBack twist, wherein the contestants have to perform a task from the previous season.

However, applying for Amazing Race is very simple, below are some easy steps that will explain the entire application process of Amazing Race:
how to apply for a amazing race

  • Visit the official website of the show for the application process. Go on the CBS website and click on the Amazing Race option. This page will have all the information about the application forms, auditions date and locations for their casting calls. All the applications are considered during a certain period. Keep visiting the site constantly to check the application status.
  • Choose a teammate for yourself. Always remember that all the applications you submit should be along with a teammate, and even they have to submit all the applications. According to the rules, one of the team members should be above 21. Some of the exceptions can appear on the show as TAR family competitions.
  • Make sure that you meet all the eligibility requirements. Some of the general eligibility criteria are a valid passport, citizen on US, contestant should be willing to take vaccinations and give a medical report. The website will give you every minute detail on the eligibility requirement.
  • Complete the application process. The form will want you to fill some general details like address, name, phone etc. It might have some short questions like your and your teammates relation. Make sure that you have filled the application form properly.
  • Go for the casting call, the CBS holds the casting calls at various locations in the country. Check the site for the date and venue of the casting call. Always make sure that you reach early at the casting call, because it will be very crowded. All the team members have to come together for their casting calls.
  • If you are not able tom attend the casting calls, then mail them your applications. The team members have to do this together, along with a three-minute video in VHS format. Do not forget to send a scanned copy of your passport along with the mailed application.
  • The selected contestants will called for the direct final process of selection. All the teammates will have to go through some additional interviews.

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