How to Apply for Moment of Truth

The moment of truth is a famous American game show, which is inspired from a Colombian game format. In this show, the contestants will have to answer a series of 21 questions, which are very embarrassing and personal. This show was premiered on 2008 and ended in 2009.

The format of the show is that a contestant will have to go through a polygraph test. In this test, he/she will be asked 50 questions, and amongst these questions, only 21 will be asked during the show. The contestants answer these questions for a whopping 500,000 dollars. After the contestants hear a question, then he has to answer it even if it is embarrassing. If the contestant does not answer the question, then he/she loses the game show.

The difficulty level of questions keep on increasing with the levels. Until now, no one has reached won the game show. The twist in the show is some of the times, an ex –partner or a friend will come in stage to ask one of the most difficult questions. Any contestant entering in this show has to sign a contract, stating that they agree with the consequences of the show, and will not blame the channel for anything. The moment of truth is soon going to air their second season.

Here are some steps that will tell you how to apply for moment of truth:
how to apply for moment of truth

  • The show moment of truth will have some application forms, which you would have to fill out to get in the show. You will easily find these forms in the official site of the Fox channel. Go to the site and download the application and submissions form.
  • The forms, which you are going to download, are on .doc format. Just make sure that your computer supports this file format.
  • In this form, you will have to fill in some basic questions, and then explain in detail your relation with your family, friends and some general background stuff. The producers of the show will use all this information to contact people and try to make some questions from their interaction.
  • Always remember that the questions on the form will be very personal and you might get a little uncomfortable while answering them. The last form will be about rules and regulations read them properly before you sign and send them.
  • Eligibility: to get on this show the most important rule is that you have to be a legal resident of the United States. You must be above 18, and none of your family members should be working with Fox.
  • You should not be an employee of the public office, and you are not allowed to become a candidate for one year after the show airs. You are not permitted on this show if you have appeared on any reality show in the past 12 months.
  • Video: Along with the application form, you will have to make a video for at least five to seven minutes. The format of the video should be in a VHS or DVD format. While recording the video, ensure that you are not standing in front of a white wall or window. Select a room with good lighting, position yourself in such a way that your full upper body, and face is visible in the camera.
  • In the seven-minute video, you will have to answer certain questions. Always remember that the answers should be interesting and upbeat.
    • State your occupation, name and address
    • State your personality and how you will be a deserving candidate for Moment of Truth
    • Do you think yourself as honest person
    • Why do you want to participate on Moment of Truth
    • Mention in detail about past three relationships
    • Mentions your strengths and talents and describe your personality at work place. How many siblings do you have? How is your relation with your parents?
  • After you are done making a video, write your name and contact number on the video. Now, you can send your application form with your video, along with a recent photo of yours.
  • Send all these forms on the Moment of Truth, Burbank address. If they like your application form, they will give you a call back soon.

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