How to Apply for Reality Show

Reality television is a new genre in the television industry. Reality television is like fresh breath of air from the old dramatic series. A reality show, which got a major change in the perspective of reality shows, is Big Brother. The reality shows have a wide format from quiz shows to games. Reality shows are highly inspired by the factor sensationalism to increase their profits and viewership.
how to apply for reality show
Reality shows have various formats like:

  • Documentary format: in this type of show, a camera is constantly following the life of a certain person. The best example for this format is the Big Brother, where there are cameras in the entire house. In this way, the audience comes to know what their favorite celebrities are doing.
  • Celebrity oriented format: in this type of reality show, the general living of a celebrity is shown on daily basis. The channel VH1 has launched a show only for celebrities known as the Celebreality.
  • Professional activities: In this, the business professionals are shown going about their day, and how they complete some of the major projects. One of the most common shows under this genre is Miami Ink.

However, if you want to be featured in one of the reality shows, then all you need is intelligence and personality.

Here are some useful steps that will tell you how you can apply for reality shows:


  • Look for online surveys, or visit the websites of certain channels and see if they broadcast any reality show. If yes, then apply for it immediately. Write a response letter stating why you want to enter in the reality show. Ensure that you write this response letter in a creative manner.
  • If you do not get through this then some of the reality shows have open casting calls in many cities. You will hear the open casting calls advertisement on television or radio. If there is, one is your locality, and then go for the open casting call. The judges want to see your style and personality, just be yourself and always look at the judges while answering questions.
  • If you get through the casting call, then you will have to fill an application form. Always remember that you must fill the form completely and not leave out anything. The application forms will have short questions, answer them to the point do not exaggerate. You will also have to make a video and try to make the video a little creative.
  • If you are selected through the first round, you will get a call. Don’t be scared or hesitant when they ask you questions. Just answer all the questions the agent asks you. If they have liked the telephonic conversation, then they will ask you to send them a tape. Make sure that you answer yes to them for any additional forms.
  • If you are in the finals, then don’t hold yourself back just go ahead and enjoy the moment. It is okay to show enthusiasm and live the big break you have got. You can ask the casting person certain questions, about how you were selected and things like that.
  • Whenever you apply for a reality show, remember the three most magical words spontaneity, enthusiasm and originality.
  • Always remember that once you get in the finals of the reality show, you are half way to your dream and one-step further you will achieve your dream. So, always give your best shot.

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