How to Attain Peace of Mind

What’s all this fuss about peace of mind?

The state of being mentally and spiritually away from violence and anxiety refers to peace of mind. Stress is one constraint that we tend to bring upon ourselves, and which blocks our path to attaining peace of mind. Peace of mind is generally associated with happiness and joy; in simplest terms, living every moment to the fullest, without being preoccupied with something else than what we actually need to do at a given time, in a specified place. As we witness a modern deviation in societies with different beliefs, cultures, history etc, it is evident that peace of mind is the most sought-out thing as of today. Everyone goes through the tedious phase of stress and heaviness. Where most of us tend to put the blame on the external environment, we fail to grasp the true sense of belonging to our own soul, which has been kind of left aside as a minor priority.

Stress and preoccupation can be triggered through various external factors, which differ from individual to an individual; however, the source from where it emerges is right under your control – the mind. We get  stressed easily due to common problems such as bad health, family related problems, property issues, financial debts or unsatisfied marriage life etc. Peace of mind is the state of consciousness and self-enlightenment when your mind is completely at rest and is aware of your true nature – embodiment of the divine. All the desires related to money, fame, lust, possession etc need to be washed away in order to achieve peace of mind. And this requires nothing but acceptance of evil around us, for it’s only our eyes that tends to define them as evil, but only a select few realize that evil is essential for us to realize that there’s more for us beyond evil. Acceptance of evil demands ignorance of evil as well, which is way different than rejection of evil, and if latter is the case, then the individual who is subject to the particular state of mind will reap the rotting fruits of denial.

Worry only about yourselves

Most of us tend to induce worry within ourselves, simply by being worried of other people’s problems. Please remember that someone’s life is not your problem, and you can’t possibly do anything to change their condition, unless that someone is your own reflection. You must not indulge into someone’s affairs, for it will not prove fruitful at all, and is most likely to lead to intercommunication. Others’ conflicts have got nothing to do with us, unless they’re willing us to guide them through some chaotic situation. We always think that whatever we do or think is right; but no, these are our assumptions based on our judgments. And here’s the truth – we need to work hard in order to sharpen our mind and make way for precision in our judgments. No, we are not always right; in fact, it doesn’t even matter if the others are right or wrong, for even if we “figure it all out”, we will find ourselves heading nowhere but below. And below, there’s a great stretch of glass shards staring eagerly into our eyes to prey upon. The reason behind the lack of accuracy in our judgments traces back to all the impurities that we have accumulated in our minds. We should constrain ourselves from unwanted fights. We must refine our ego, so that our communication stays true to its purpose.

    Let go

    It is essential that you make it a habit to forget and forgive in order to attain peace of mind. Remembering the wrongs done by others will only breed ill-feelings, and corrupt your interface, which many tend to call as “Aura”. You need to believe in the power of letting go and the doctrine of “Karma”. Feelings and emotions like anger, retaliation, jealousy, strong urge to confront the other person, envy, grudges, and associated sub-emotions only tend to increase the amount and intensity of the background noises that are in our head. And these won’t go until we start practicing letting go, which will eventually get us close to a cleaner mind.

      Infestation by “fame”

      You should not crave for popularity. People have become so selfish that they praise you only when there is a motive. Otherwise, they don’t even talk to you. You have to believe in yourself and you should not get carried away by false praises. Your duty is to do follow your objectives, and not mind the “glory” part of it, for it comes with many limitations, some of which are prestige, pride, attitude of oneself being above others, the attitude of looking down on opinions that are different from the ones that you possess etc. These are the evil that we need to get rid of. These make up to our fallacies, and these only come with a purpose to blur our vision.

      Let’s accept that there’s a freezer within us which generates cold feelings

      Jealousy is one of the root causes of people’s misery. We gladly subject ourselves to comparison with our friends, colleagues, relatives, and others whom we see as competition or idols. Often we tend to think about how to beat others in this racing game called life. No, life is not a race, and there is no competition. All sense of competition is delusion and one must do his best to stay away from such compelling thoughts. Jealousy does not lead you anywhere but close to the background of your mind, from where bubbles of misinterpretations are constantly erupting. We all know that every being is unique, and no two people’s preferences are the same, neither is the path they take. But still, somehow we tend to get carried away by these urges.

        We still haven’t mastered the ability to adapt

        We are born with the innate ability to adapt to our surroundings. Let’s not be stubborn or resistant to changes, and learn to bend. Sometimes it may happen that you may not feel comfortable with the work environment. The chances are more that you will try to change the environment or the people who dwell in it, but this is not right on your part. If you assess the situation well, the crowd, which is unfriendly to you in the beginning, will understand you and the things will be right afterwards. We can only change the environment if that environment is within us. When we need change, let’s be the change in the environment rather than sulk at the prospect of a filthy surrounding and continue to sulk, waiting for something better to come by. You need to have patience. Restlessness of mind can worsen the situation. You need to wait for the right time for the changes to occur, and for your efforts to be rewarded with fruits. You should know your limitations. Give some free time to yourself. You need to think with free mind to analyze where things are going wrong. It is good to meditate sometimes; and in the modern era, it’s a basic necessity.

        All the evil deeds start in an idle mind. You should engage yourself into some work all the times. You should follow a hobby, which you really like. This can help you not to think any bad about anyone. Even when you are resting physically, you should read something or watch sane, non-mediocre programs TV. This can help your mind to let go of the unfruitful thoughts that can otherwise occupy your mind. Practice ignorance of your dreams and desires, which you can do without. It’s better to not have a dream than fail trying to accomplish one and then mourn about the loss. Remember that you have nothing to lose except your sanity.

        That’s why they are termed as “mistakes”

        All people are bound to commit mistakes. You should not retreat from your ‘karma’ by saying that what if I go wrong. It is your duty to think and act responsibly. Things will not go right all the time, we just can’t expect that with all the impurities that we have been breeding within us. However, this does not mean that you refrain from doing what you believe in. Even when something goes wrong, you need to have the courage to accept it and learn from the mistakes. Also, you should not regret or curse yourself, when something went opposite to what you had anticipated. Failures are not really failures, for you gain something from them, something that is priceless – knowledge. On the other hand, mistakes by others should not be taken seriously, for the basic reason that they are “mistakes”. Many among the society have developed their ego to an extent where they’re unable to forgive someone who is ready with an apology – this is a suicidal practice, and will only lead the individual towards denial.

          We all crave for peace of mind. However, we need to understand that we don’t need to go anywhere in order to attain peace of mind. It is within us, we just need to gain access to it. All we need to do is believe, and hope for, that is our tool to success. We don’t need to take some transport to get to the otherside.

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