How to Attain Success

Success is the most talked about word in the young age. When we are young, our sole aim is to achieve success, although we have no idea what that exactly means, or where it is coming from. According to American Heritage dictionary, “success” refers to the achievement of something that is desired, attempted, or planned. Many people would agree with this definition. But when we do not achieve what we plan for, still we can be successful; there is contradiction in every element of nature, but there’s ample scope for seeking unanimity in these contradictions. Sometimes people wish for fame. Let’s assume that you get 15 minutes of fame in your daily life, this does not really mean you have attained success. Let’s focus on prosperity and the extent of prosperity.

Now take a scenario in which you have wasted the beautiful moments of your life to achieve something and finally you meet your objective. Is it worth to losing your friends, family, and/or happiness against your wish? Are we chasing our desires, or are they driving us with a whiplash, where we are enslaved to an extent where every lash feels like soothing pat on our shoulder. Apparently, we can easily be fooled by impulses and urges. It is fine to set a target and work hard towards reaching it, upon which happiness will overwhelm you. But the process matters more than the outcome. In fact, it’s all about the process, because outcome is simply the climax. Do we watch a movie thinking about the climax all the time? No, definitely not.

Perspective of success

We all tend to hold on to our perspectives about success. Every person in this world is born and brought up in a relatively different environment, and no two people’s opinions will match completely. For some people, success can refer to becoming a CEO of a company, or to be a movie star, or maybe a baseball player; Some may feel that they are successful, if they are successful in keeping themselves tuned to the divine. All that matters is how you look at it, and whether your perception is close to the true meaning and purpose.

Failures only exist in books

If you choose to look at success as a pleasant journey, you will witness increasing layers of prosperity beneath your feet, with each step you take towards success. Small achievements will make you happy. Setbacks often call for self-feedback. Failures don’t mock, they teach. They shower greater knowledge upon us, as a result of which we fair better the next time. So, calling failures as “failures” is out of question. On the path to success, we are bound to encounter the fruits of our own mistakes, but let’s consider them as our tests, let’s clear them unscathed, or at least try. Failures can become one’s motivation, whose effects on our motive can be way more intense than those of benefits. All successful people in the world had failed in many attempts. Sheer determination and sharpened focus is the key to success. You, as an aspirant, must remember to think and act responsibly, for as we can see, thoughts affect lives drastically. We not only get influenced by our thoughts, but also others. So, thoughts must not be played around with; you need to organize the interface of your mind, or at least take some efforts in doing so.

Here’s an inspirational story of a successful failure -

Once upon a time, a 21 year old child named Ego Distillo wrote to whom he perceived to be his mentor, following a failed attempt, “Dear Math, I looked for chipped crevices on a supposedly first class floor, and I came across one of your limitations.”

a = ~b, where a = failure, b = expectation and ~ is a nullifier

“Failure = Loss of Expectation (where the sense of losing fades away eventually)”

“Math makes philosophical sense. Thanks for helping me to know that beyond you lies what I crave for.”

Some ways to attain success

Primarily, think with a cool mind as to what you really want, or want to do, or want to be in life. Set an achievable target for yourself, and fix your attention on the most primordial or initial steps that you need to undertake. Do not fix your thought on the result, for it will only take form of daydreaming, and that very soon. The spotlight always stays focused on the process, it’s we who get distracted by glittering illusions of benefits, as a result of which, end up dividing our attention incessantly, only to chase mediocre imaginations.

Cliched ideas such as writing down your goal on a piece of paper and placing it somewhere you tend to look at often, or maintaining a to-do list, often help induce motivation in you. But there’s a simple and very effective means to organize your ideas – mind mapping. You may refer to websites to know how it is exactly done, but in simple words, it is a technique which will help you explore and expand ideas to reveal several possibilities and parameters, giving you a clearer picture of what you will be required to do in order to achieve the end result.

Where do you stand?

You can track your progress weekly or monthly, or as you feel like doing so. Self-evaluation is very important to assess where you are at the moment. It also helps you to keep motivated. There comes a time at irregular intervals, when we feel the need to stop swimming and analyze our position in the track, in association with the finish line. This will give us a fair idea of the efficiency in our performance so far, and may also open the gates to improvement in strategies.

You can maintain a list of obstacles you face, or may face according to your experiences or assumptions, respectively. Take some time and apply some efforts to know the nature of these obstacles. It will help you plan your counter-defenses effectively. Keep yourself prepared to face challenges and tests, for these come without warning, and when we least expect them.

Delay is not an option

Avoid unnecessary delay by cutting down on your sedentary needs, and use your time optimally. Things can go smoothly even if you have not planned anything, provided that you are well aware of what you need to do as of now. Here’s a known fact – plans are subject to change more often than we can imagine, for there are several external factors that affect the implementation of a specific plan or an objective.

You can assign a mentor to you. Mentor should be the one who can understand you well and can give you a healthy advice. You can learn from them. These may be professional consultants or even someone who has been successful in the particular field. They need not necessarily be some one who is qualified with the evidence of some documentation. Anyone who is experienced is qualified enough to guide you through the right path. Knowledge doesn’t always have to be bought out.

You should not retreat from the path you chose. The path of success is not easy to travel and there will be failures in the beginning. You need to stick to your beliefs and follow your intuitions. As mentioned above, we need to learn from our mistakes and apply efforts so as to not repeat them in future. This is the attitude that one must hold towards failed attempts. Believe in your capabilities and do justice to your innate ability to overcome obstacles. Let’s master our ability to adapt to the environment, with every attempt getting closer to precision.

Stress is an extra, shed it before it consumes the purpose

Stress is the cause for any wrong action. You need to be completely relaxed and calm while taking important decisions. We must realize that stress is not linked to the challenges we face, but in fact is a a reflection of our own disturbances. And these distractions are ever present in the back of our mind, and during what we define as “stressful or critical situations,” these noises tend to come to forefront, and we end up being caught up in indecision. You need to free your mind and reason such noises, for they definitely give rise to resistance towards changes, which clearly acts as a major constraint.

Be ethical

Do not sell your soul out in the process, red carpets often seduce our eyes, but we have a conscience, which is driven by moral principles, and which knows right from wrong. There’s a difference between impulses and intuitions, we must understand both in order to stick to the latter. Challenging situations demand total attention and careful analysis, and not shortcuts or sacrifice of principles. Attaining success is the purpose to our determination, but the motive behind it should not be the result, your approach should be aimed at giving your best at every step.

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