How to Avoid Makeup Smearing

How to Avoid Makeup Smearing

How to Avoid Makeup Smearing

Even though artificial cosmetics or products are known for enhancing the beauty quotient or looks of people, there is nothing as natural beauty. All people on the earth are born with one look or the other, and if judged, looked at or seen from one angle or the other, almost all people are beautiful or good looking from one aspect or the other as they say “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” It is also true considering the fact that no matter how much bad looking or ugly people we find, there are nonetheless some people on the earth, who find them beautiful or good looking. This explains the fact as to why lovers go crazy over each other’s looks, while some other people may be left wondering as to the reason why, considering the apparent bad looks of either of them or even both of them! But despite all arguments, each and every individual has the absolute right for enhancing their looks to the best possible extent by however or whatever means they can. This explains the cause behind the boom in the business of the beauty or cosmetic or make-up or the grooming industry to an unimaginable extent. In fact, both the old as well as the young are seen to avail all of the facilities for enhancing one’s beauty or looks, provided by the beauty or cosmetic industry so much so that some people might give up on some other daily tasks, but not their daily beauty care regimen. If so much is the obsession behind enhancing one’s beauty or looks even if it means by the usage of artificial, beauty items or products or cosmetics, it is all the more advisable to discover how to make the usage of all of these items or products and get the best of results from their usage. However, it is just not limited to the mere usage of all of these items or products, but to also discovering at the same time, how to avoid makeup smearing, even if it means putting or wearing them on during unfavorable climatic conditions or circumstances.

Agreed that almost every person desires to flaunt that very best of cosmetic touch or make up, however, not each and every individual is fortunate enough to be blessed with an excellent skin tone or type. It is also the reason behind some people being able to put on or wear their make-up for a long duration of time, without it smearing or smudging, while other people have a harrowing time figuring out how to avoid makeup smearing as well as being saved from the dirty, dull or unpleasant looks, especially around eyes. Eye makeup can either earn many praises from other people for appearing classy or become a complete disaster and bring in unpleasant comments for the person putting it on or wearing it on. Getting comments in place of compliments for putting on eye make up generally happens when the the eye make up smears or smudges all around one’s face. A few of the common causes behind smearing or smudging of eye make up can be attributed to blinking, oil-prone skin of the face, rubbing one’s eyes with one’s hands, squinting of one’s face as a result of sneezing as well as watering of one’s eyes for one reason or another. In fact, any individual can suffer from smearing or smudging of one’s make up as a whole and not only around one’s eyes. For having a respite to the problem, here we are laying down before you a few methods for keeping one’s makeup appear its very best for a longer duration.

Avoid eye moisturizer ‒
Even though, a moisturizer can bring about a fresh and soft feel as well as look, applying moisturizer to one’s eyes need to be avoided at all costs, if one wants to avoid a greasy base of the eyes and have a fear of running or smearing one’s eye shadow. In fact, eye shadow needs to be applied on a clean base or on dry eyelids; only then can one expect one’s eyes to stand out.

How a Primer can give a better effect than a moisturizer to one’s look ‒
Instead of making use of an eye moisturizer, it is always best advised to make the usage of an eye shadow Primer before application of the eye shadow. Apart from giving a better base for sticking eye shadow, the primer gives a vibrant appearance to the colors. One needs to apply a bit of eye shadow primer to the eyelids and smoothen it out, and then proceed for applying the eye shadow over it.

It is all about quality ‒
imagesThere are different companies or organizations having different beauty or cosmetic or makeup items or products with differences in quality. Even though, it may be a little hard on one’s pockets in buying a bit of costly products, it is nonetheless worth it because of the fact that these costly or expensive items have a greater durability than cheap items. It also pays in buying costly beauty or makeup products, due to the fact that these costly or expensive items or products have a better enhancing ability as well on the person making use of it. On the other hand, buying cheap or inexpensive items or products only give a bad impression on other people about the individual for the obvious reason that these cheap items or products smear, smudge as well as vanish within hours or even minutes after application. Costly makeup blends extremely well and remain vibrant.

The usage of a liquid eyeliner ‒
Even though, a liquid eyeliner, as compared to a pencil eyeliner, gives a clean and professional appearance to one, apart from decreasing smudging, it is best advised, nonetheless, to avoid opening one’s eyes at the time of drying it for further prevention of smearing while applying it to one’s eyes.

The usage of a liquid eye shadow ‒
One needs to consider buying a liquid eye shadow and not a cream or powdered one because of the fact that a liquid eye shadow dries up faster by sticking to one’s eyelids as compared to the cream or powdered eye shadows wherein the person needs to smoothen out the eye lids after application.

The usage of a waterproof mascara ‒
Running mascara is caused due to the excess amount of moisture on one’s face and for that waterproof mascara can be made use of. Even though waterproof mascara enhances ones’ face, giving it an astonishing appearance for a longer duration, to avoid clumping, smearing or smudging, it is always best advised to apply a light coat of mascara.

Each and every individual wishes to appear his/her very best at all times of his or her day or life, and with the help of the above tips, it is but sure that it can be possible, that is to say, to appear one’s best at all times of the day, as well as discover how to avoid makeup smearing.

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