How to Bargain for a New Car

It has been often noticed that many buyers never bargain if they opt for purchasing a new vehicle for their personal purpose, as it’s a common interpretation that on new branded cars, there is no chance of any price negotiation. However, this version is totally wrong. Buyers can get the best car deal, if they know, how to bargain for a new car. This question arises many times in many buyers’ mind. There are few points that are to be taken under consideration while buying a new car. On a very first note, it is required that the buyers should analyze the market price of the vehicle.

It has been noticed that for a single brand, multiple showrooms exist around the city. It is required that the buyers should visit all the showrooms and gather necessary information such as the model no., on road price of the vehicle (it includes road insurance, transport tax, excise or cess tax). If a buyer visits multiple showrooms, he/she will understand the difference in the out rate of the same car. The automobile industry is one of the most competitive industry, as many dealers want to grab the attention of the buyer and hence they offer lucrative offers to woo the customers. It is often noticed that many new car dealers offer free accessories, free insurance or free registration for their buyers. Many showroom dealers have a tie up with multiple banks; if you are opting for finance they might offer you the best deal with low interest rate and minimum down payments.

If you want to buy a new car and want the  best deal, it is required to follow the tips provided below:

  • Market rate of a new car
  • Different showrooms prices
  • Car loan rate
  • Accessories provided

Market rate of a new car – While buying a new car, the first and the foremost thing is that, you need to find out the market value of the car. It is necessary that the buyers should compare the features of the different model of the same car. It helps in understanding what offer is made by the different car dealers.

Different showrooms prices- Due to the cut-throat competition, many showrooms offer the most competitive prices for the same model. Many times, they offer free registration, free insurance and free servicing to the owners. It is required that the customer should probe about the extra offers made by the car dealers.

Car loan rate- It is required to probe the best rate of interest from the respective banks. The rate of interests varies on the bank-to-bank basis and hence it is necessary that a buyer should consult with the showroom dealer before opting for any finance from the bank.

Accessories provided- It is one of the most sought-after thing that needs to be discussed while opting for a new car. Customer should compare the offers of different showrooms with the respective one to get maximum benefits on their purchase.

How to bargain for a new car? The tips provided above helps in a great way while buying a new car. Yu can save your hard earned money if you know the bargaining trick.

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