How to Bargain for a Used Car

An old car can become your best asset if you get the best deal for it. How to bargain for a used car? If you have a tight budget then used car is the best option for you. In these competitive market, auto makers launch new models frequently and hence the buyers keep on changing their old models with a new one. Most often, they approach a dealer who can commence the sales process for them. It is advisable for the buyer to approach the seller directly rather than going to the car dealers, as  it will help in negotiating in an effective way and there is no need to pay hefty amount to your car dealer as commission. Before opting for a used car, it is required that the buyer analyze his/her budget and understand his/her requirement, as it is often seen that most of the buyers do not understand the pros and cons while purchasing a second hand car. Before making a deal, look at few points that gives you an overview of the merits and demerits of used cars:

Merits of used cars-

1-       Best choice in a required budget- Buyers can get the pleasure of acquiring their favorite car at a low price. However, it is advisable that they should check the performance of the used car from an experienced automobile expert. In a shoestring budget, the buyer can get the best luxury car in the market.

2-       Transferable guarantee- If your car guarantee is not over at the time of purchase, the first owner can transfer the guarantee to the second owner without any charges.

3-       Certified pre-owned cars- Many dealers often renovate and refurbish the old car in such a way that it gives better performance than the rest of the old cars. These cars are termed as certified pre-owned cars.

4-       Pre-owned loans- It is one of the best feature for any buyer. If the first owner has purchased his/her car on loan, he/she  can transfer the loan to the second buyer.

Demerits of used cars

1-Car maintenance- Many times it so happens that in spite of great external looks, the performance of the used car is not worth it.

2-High rate of interest- It has been often noticed that the bank charges high rate of interest for used cars.  Hence, it is required that the buyers inquire about the rate of interest from different banks.

3-Faulty spares parts-It has been often noticed that some used cars have old power steering, loose wiring, electronic systems, and problems in lights including the headlight. A wiring problem is one of the common problems. Cars cannot perform in an effective way without  proper wiring connections and it’s a costly affair to find out the fault. It is necessary to frisk the car with the help of an expert before buying a car.

4-Leakage issues- It is the most common problem that is faced by many buyers, as it is often noticed that the car is suffering from a multiple leakage problem. A repairing of such type is a costly affair for the buyer.

5-Used car insurance- It is one of the most important thing that needs to be checked. Some times, the  previous owner might have not renewed the insurance and when the new buyer purchases that car, he/she has to  pay the previous insurance amount also.

6- Tires-Worn out tires and tubes of the car is another maintenance related hurdle. It is advisable to check them thoroughly before purchasing the car, as the tires and tubes also increase the prices of the used car.

Some of the common tips that need to be follow while bargaining for a used car:

1-       Meter read- Check the meter of the car. It is often tampered by the seller or the dealer to show how less the car is driven by the owner. Analyze the market price of the used car and give your offer as per your budget. Point out the default of the respective car to the dealer or the owner and convince them why the car is not worth enough to pay the quoted amount.

2-       Brand value- Most of the dealers or owners offer price as per the brand value of the car. Never go as per the brand offer, try to find out the performance of the car. It is required that the car should be thoroughly checked by an expert. It gives you a clear picture of what is offered by the seller to you. It is also required to point out what renovation and maintenance you need to do after the purchase as it helps in lowering the selling price of the used car.

3-       Accessories- Many times, the dealers usually replace or steal the original accessories of an old car. Hence, it is required that you probe about the accessories and point out what is your requirement in an old car. Many dealers offer additional accessories for their customers. It is required that you should ask for additional accessories.

4-       Free Insurance- Many dealers offer free insurance for a used car. It helps in saving a big sum of money. It is often noticed that many times the owner has not paid the previous year insurance. It is advisable that you should check the insurance papers thoroughly before buying the used car.

How to bargain for a used car? The tips given above will help you to get the best deal for the second hand car.

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