How to be a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is a professional who is qualified to coach and guide people towards achieving desired level of fitness and health. They teach people how to use various equipment in the gym, while developing their skills for achieving maximum fitness that would represent a well-tuned body. Personal trainers help you change your lifestyle to the better, suggesting healthy diets and teaching standard exercises and practices, custom-planned for you alone, to help you achieve the level of fitness that you must achieve. Becoming a personal trainer might seem like an uncommon career path, but it sure pays good bucks, and you’re not so likely to end up in a profession that is as satisfying as this. They also counsel their clients on weight gain or loss. If you have always dreamt of being a personal trainer, then read on.

Decide if you have what it takes

To become a personal trainer, you will need to have a multitude of skills. You will have to be analytical, nurturing, organized, persistent, an excellent motivator, and most importantly an active listener. You must enjoy yourself while working with different clients and sustain your confidence on your abilities. Always remember that being a personal trainer doesn’t require that you look like a perfectly sculptured Greek god, but you need exhibit a healthy lifestyle and set an example for your clients.

Select a certification

There are various certifying organizations and all have their unique ways of conducting classes, exams, and workshops, in order to give you a certification. You will have to choose an institute or a club that is recognized nationally and accredited. If you already know about one, call them and ask about what kind of certifications do they provide. If you don’t have a clue as to where you wish to start your career, take some time out and research on the internet about all renowned health clubs at your vicinity.

Discuss with them and get to know the following:

  • How much will the certification cost?
  • What would their pre-requisites be?
  • Will they offer a workshop in your area?

Select a specialty

This is usually not required, but with the growing competition in the market, most of the aspiring fitness trainers benefit from a specialty certification. Therefore, having a specialty certifications is a sign that you will have a lot more to offer, and also the privilege to charge a lot more. For instance, the ACE’s certification in Clinical Exercise Specialist which will allow you to do work with people with injuries or chronic diseases.

Get a job at a renowned club

Use the local yellow pages to find out the contact number of some of the clubs in your locality and check if they are employing trainers. Discuss any job availability, and get to know the complete procedure of applying for the position. You can always check the website of such fitness centers and see what current openings they have to offer.

Set up your own business

If you are planning to set up your business then you will need to do a lot of work, like selecting a business entity, business name, registering your company, insurance, setting up the entire gym and much more.

Market yourself

Once you have set everything, then it’s time to roll the dice and get yourself known to the masses. This calls for newsletters, business cards, flyers and if possible a website. It will help if you have some equipment at your disposal for making it easier; get a computer, color printer and publishing software. Prepare yourself for hawking the wares wherever you can. Stick some flyers or hand them out at your local sports store and fitness clubs, distribute business cards to your clients, offer some free consultations and/ or put up some free guides on your website. Do what it takes to make yourself known and you will soon have a horde of people flocking to be trained by you. You can even ask your family and friends to spread the news.

Improve your education and skills

Keep continuing your education. It might be boring, but if you want to keep your certification and if you want to be a good trainer, then you will have to do it. There are some jobs that will offer you support for pursuing your education.

Become indispensable for your clients

Becoming successful in this job demands that you toil, and keep yourself updated of advanced skills and emerging fitness practices. Having a certification might get you some clients but that doesn’t mean they have to stay with you. Improve your people skills and your training skills. Consider getting a few more certifications. Joining national organization, like IDEA, attend some summits for personal trainers, or attending workshops will certainly act as a fulcrum for your advancement.

Other choices

You don’t necessarily have to work for yourself or for the gym. Personal fitness trainers can work in all kinds of different areas, like corporate fitness, resorts, spas, cruises, online training and much more.

Beyond personal training

Once you have got yourself established as a personal trainer, there will be more options available for you. You can even consider consulting, fitness writing or athletic coaching. Whatever you may decide to do, you will notice that being a personal trainer is an ideal job that would keep you grinning wide.

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