How to Become a Pediatrician

A division of medicine, which deals with infant care, adolescents and children, is known as Pediatrics. A pediatrician treats patients in the age limit of 0–21 years; it can also vary from country to country. A medicine professional that has a specialization in pediatrics is known as a pediatrician. Pediatrics means a healer for children, this word id derived from a Greek word iatros.

In commonwealth countries, a pediatrician doctor is a specialist in pediatrics, while in USA a pediatrician is primary care doctor who specializes only in children. A pediatrician doctor is completely different from that of a normal physician. The differences are the body size, genetic variance, and the issues of development. Treating an adult is not the same as treating a child. One of the major differences between a pediatrician and grown-ups medicine is that kids are minor and, cannot take their own decisions. A complete pediatrician procedure is to get the consent of their guardian, privacy and legal issues should be considered. The responsibility of the pediatrician is not limited to the child they sometimes have to treat family and parents also.
how to become Pediatrician

The pediatricians have to begin their medical training at the entry level of medicine education, which is a course of tertiary level, taken at a medical college affiliated with the university. This course will lead to a medical degree. One can join the degree course at an under-graduate or a graduate level also. The under-graduate degree takes nearly 5-6 years and is applicable in all the commonwealth countries. If joined after the graduate degree it will take 4-5 years, since one has completed a university degree of three years, mostly in science.

All the graduates from the department of medicine have a country and university specific degree. This degree will help in getting a license or a registration for that country, at times for other countries too. If a pediatrician wants, they can also get a specialized degree in pediatrics, which will require another three to six years. The pediatricians have a very good social status, a stable and high income.

Here are some easy steps that will help you in becoming a pediatrician.


  • Increase your love for children and increase your patience level. Children are comfortable and enjoy company only when you care about them. These qualities are necessary if you want to become a pediatrician.
  • Make sure that you are an above average student in high school. To prepare yourself for medical school, you should have good grades in high school and college. Pay a lot of attention to subjects like chemistry, biology and some writing courses.
  • Put in a lot of effort in your studies in college get good grades to qualify yourself for medical school.
  • Be prepared to face four years of study in your medical school. You should have subjects like immunology, microbiology, physiology, pathology, anatomy and microbiology. In the last two years of medical school, you will be learning about medicines, neurology and surgery.
  • In order to get a good position in a training program of a pediatrician, you need to have high scores in National Medical Board Exam. The higher scores you get, your chances of getting a good position will increase.
  • You can also complete your one year of internship. You are required to get a training on childcare and their different problems. You will also need to have some knowledge about the issues on development and on child’s health to maturity.
  • Get a two years residency after finishing your course. Train yourself in various situations in the hospital. Keep yourself updated with the critical care issues.
  • It is required to go through a second round of National Medical Board Exam. You need to have a board certification in pediatrics to become a qualified pediatrician.

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