How to Become a Social Worker

Do you wish to contribute to the society by helping people in overcoming their difficulties? If yes, then social work will be the most satisfactory and motivating profession for you. It’s a way of improving people’s lives, targeted at structural societal development for the benefit of it’s inhabitants as individuals, as well as the community as a whole. It refers to social science as a way to develop and improve the current human condition, and solve the problems within societies. The only motive of social work is to get social justice to people within the society, where most of the social workers start their career early, others get a Master’s degree in social sciences or environmental service. 

Becoming a social worker is very easy, with all the academic help that is available across the nation. Your major concern as a social worker would be to solve the existing problems within the society and find an effective solution. These problems can be anything from psychological imbalance, financial instability, increased number of suicides, health issues, crime rate, substance abuse etc. You will be working through social intervention to help families, communities, groups, organizations etc.

Social work is as old as human history. Social work always existed in the human society, but it came to be known as profession only in the 19th century. Now, if someone wants to be a social worker, it is essential to have a professional degree with a license. Social workers usually have a bachelor’s degree in Social Work. The social workers further categorize themselves in local, national or international bodies. A few provinces require you to have a registration as a social worker. As they struggle for the society to eradicate poverty and other prevailing problems, social work is also referred to as charity work.


Steps to be taken in order to become a Social Worker:

  • Start volunteering in the social work activities when you are still studying in high school. You will need some firsthand experience for discovering what kind of work social service can entail. Always remember that the Bachelor’s Degree in Social work is needed for the entry-level positions for social work.
  • Learning foreign languages in school and continuing in college will certainly facilitate your progression
  • Take help from your guidance counselor for a list of colleges in your suitable locations, which offer some programs on social work. Make sure that these colleges are accredited with the Council on social work of education. Take some help from your counselor and find out colleges that offer degrees in Social Work in your locality. Make sure that the Council on Social Work Education accredits your program. As of now, nearly 430 B.S.W programs are accredited and every course will want the student to have completed 400 hours, which are supervised in the field of experience.
  • You can start helping a social worker, when you are in junior year. You should have some experience about social work. Start looking for paid internships during your college. These internships can give you some contacts for future reference and these can lead you to a better career.
  • Keep in mind that a degree in Bachelor of Social Work will only help you at initial level in social work. If you wish to take up higher responsibilities, like case management, then plan on enrolling for a master’s degree in social work. There are more than 130 Masters College offering accredited programs and every course will want the student to complete 900 hours of field experience, which is supervised.
  • Once you are done with your course, try to get the information of the exam for license. After you finish you Master’s Degree in Social Work, you should for a licensed organization for minimum two years, before you give the licensing exam.


  • Make sure that you choose a good college and always keep in mind that the accredited programs will differ as well. The national association for the social workers is the best source for information regarding careers in this field. To get good information about career in Social Work visit the official site of National Association of Social Work.
  • Always remember that the insurance companies will never reimburse your service if you are not a licensed social worker. Try to choose a different career if you tend to get emotionally attached to someone’s problems. For helping your clients in social work, you will have to distance yourself from them emotionally.
  • Have an alternative career option. Do not get involved with a person emotionally, if you want to help them control your emotions.

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