How to Become Rich

To become rich, one need not cross the seven seas; all the resources that are needed are deeply embedded within us, where our body acts as the primordial tool for acquiring what we desire. Where wealth is associated with the acquisition of royalties or abundance of money, reducing the philosophy of wealth to just that would lead us to a definition that now seems close to negativity. Today, we all witness money being valued as though it were some heavenly figure; but we fail to understand that heavenly figures need to be acquired and used carefully, for abuse of anything, including thoughts, affects life to a great extent. Getting rich should not be the goal, for that is an outcome of a successfully processed objective. The thought of being able to buy whatever our desires points to, often came to me during my teenage years, but it slowly acquired a concrete meaning, and I realized that we will not find a concrete resolution for this query, unless we understand the true essence of wealth.

Where acquiring money through shortcuts has been the trend among nomadic minds, we need to realize that earning through twisted means call for a cycle that does more damage than downgrading humane principles. However, in reality, we cannot downgrade moral values, for they’re pieces of universal wisdom, and disrespect to these core elements means loss of self-respect and dignity for the person who initiates such a cycle, and for us citizens of the society as a whole. Fruits acquired by untruthful means comes at the cost of the purity of our souls, and will give rise to an endless chain of events.

So, how can we get rich?

Wealth signifies a balanced state of contentment, and it can be acquired by fulfillment of goals, where the goal would be to perform the concerning activities efficiently, and not generating revenue. Successive progression in technology and industrialization has opened several doors for individual growth. Internet takes the form of one of the most efficient tools for acquiring wealth. With only a negligible amount of money for investment, major portion of what your capital takes form of time to be used, and the efforts that you need to put in it. Earning easy money looks tempting, but it doesn’t last long. Wealth cannot be acquired by temporary means, you need to develop a plan, implement it with precision, and establish a strong foundation for perpetual advancement. One such strategy is to become an online entrepreneur.

Below are the stages of progress in becoming an online entrepreneur:

  • Look out for offers like this

    Look out for promotional offers

    Register in, and get an account created free of cost

  • Buy a hosting space (monthly and yearly subscriptions available), you have several options available to choose from. You may need to spend approximately $50 – $80 for a yearly subscription, where you will get enough space to host at least 10 websites, depending upon the amount of pictures or videos you upload. Ideally, a page comprising of text only takes no more than a double-digit value in kilobytes, wherein you will be provided with a hosting space that is measured in gigabytes. GoDaddy also has chat support to help you understand their products, and also resolve any queries regarding how to go about buying a domain.
  • Use the online Google AdWords Keyword Tool, which is accessible to all internet users for free, and start checking for high paying keywords that match your interest. For example, if you wish to start a website about travel, you may check the stats for the keyword Traveling in US. Once you start your search, you will be suggested several keywords, displaying the number of searches and the cost per click for these keywords. Note that cost per click points to the number of clicks on the ads that your website hosts.
  • Pick a niche (which is travel in this case), and represent it in the form of a keyword; for example, US Travel.
  • Now¬†, switch to your GoDaddy account and enter the domain name that you have some up with, in the domain search bar. When you hit the search, you will be quoted rates for domain names that are available for purchase. Let’s say that the keyword for the domain name that you entered was “ustravel” or “travelinus,” now a keyword that can so commonly occur to us would definitely have been taken or bid upon, which may cost you thousands of dollars if you wish to purchase that domain. But, you are also suggested many domain names that are available for purchase for a mere $20 approximately. you will be given choices of .com, .net, .org, .info, etc. Prefer to go with .com or .net, for it’s more common among internet users and website owners. If you are not satisfied with their suggestions, try manipulating the keyword a little, so that you will hit the nail and stumble across something that’s close to your original keyword, for example –, or, or etc.
  • Buy the domain, and buying here means that you have to pay for a subscription yearly, which would range from $16-$30
  • Link the domain to your hosting space, with just a few clicks, you need no technical background to be able to do this. It’s all been made easiest for all of us to go for it.
  • Set a template for your website, which are available in millions on the internet, and that for free
  • Install WordPress, which happens to be the most efficient tool for managing the database of your website. Everything that you have to do with the website can be done through here, starting from customizing the appearance of your website, to uploading content and images, setting links to other websites or different pages within the same website, organizing them in categories and in order etc. It’s all in there – WordPress. You don’t need to buy WordPress, you are bound to find the software for free on the internet. There are over a million users who haven’t bought their WordPress account.
Managing a website has never been so easy with simplified these website management tools

Managing a website has never been so easy, with these simplified website management tools

  • Once you have everything in place, dig deep into the niche that you have chosen, and start writing for your website, or outsource the task through freelancing websites, which are available in plenty. Publish your website instantly, as you come up with even one page; ideally, the home page.
  • Once you are ready with around 20 pages, let the site stay for a couple months, and apply for Google AdSense. Now, this is where making money comes in. The more number of ads your website hosts, the more there are chances of these ads being clicked on, and thus you have optimal chances to earn, by simply managing your website from then on.
  • In the meanwhile, you need to outsource the job of SEO to freelancers, or learning it yourself would just be as easy as writing for the website. Search Engine Optimization is based on logic and common sense. Plus, you will find tips and techniques for SEO in abundance over the internet.

You may even skip the initial steps such as buying the hosting space and the domain, and start a blog for free in,,,, etc, if you wish to keep the seemingly tedious or time consuming tasks for later. This way, you get a free hosting space, and a free domain to upload your content, where managing the website has been made as easy as surfing the internet. Although going forward, you will need to invest approximately a little over $100, you can start with no money, and promote the blog using simple SEO techniques and some common sense, until you are ready transform it into a domian. Visit the website of these blogs to know more. Starting a blog or a website is the most effective ways to become rich, and that where you’ll start earning a considerable amount ¬†sitting at home. canadian pharmacy Digoxin

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