How to Budget Your Wedding

Budgeting your wedding

Budgeting your wedding

So you have finally found that much desired man or woman of your dreams. It is no wonder that you are in a frenzy to get united in the institution of a wedding, wrapped warmly by the bond of love. You are in a state of excitement to start living together in the same house under one roof and savor the happiness of being in the arms of your loved one. The ceremony to mark the coming together of the man and woman, or simply a marriage, is an event in one’s life which cannot be held in a manner of haste, without any planning. It is an auspicious occasion, signaling the start of a new life in the form of a married couple. Hence, a lot of meticulous planning goes into its preparation, with the various members of the family contributing their bit towards it. However in the modern times, the latest trend is that the boy as well as the girl plans out most of the things associated with their wedding on their own. The reason might be attributed to the fact that the modern man has become very individualistic in his or her preferences and therefore, wants to plan out everything as per their own likes as well as dislikes. Another reason is also the lack of quality time, which is very essential, on the part of the other individuals of the family to devote towards marriage. One of the most important issues to be considered is to keep a check on your finances or the factor of money, as in most of the other spheres of our lives, money plays one of the biggest roles and decides how to budget your wedding.

As the task at hand is an enormous one, there are a lot of issues that demand the minutest of attention on the part of the one planning it out, right from initially deciding upon and then finalizing the venue for the marriage, finding the best dresses to fit you, to tasting and eventually finalizing the taste of the cake for the wedding. Apart from these, there are miscellaneous other work which project their head up, at times, at the eleventh hour.

Apart from these, another very important aspect of a marriage is the manner in which the planning for the bridal shower is done. Even though not paid much attention to, a bridal shower is one of the most memorable events leading up to one’s wedding, a memory that would forever remain etched in not merely the mind of the bride, but even among those who were a part of it. Hence, it has to be carefully and thoughtfully planned out, so as to not let the strings loose in this one essential aspect. If this particular event is held properly, then it would be in the conversations of the guests who had attended it for many years after it has passed.
budget your wedding
One very important factor that in a more or less manner decides the entire way in which the marriage would turn out to be is the scheme of color or the theme for it. This is something which is followed throughout the planning of the rest of the events of the wedding and it is also something which helps in the process of deciding on many other things. Once this has been decided upon, the rest would easily follow, without too much of racking of the brains. This color scheme or theme would help to decide upon the games to be played at the venue of the marriage, the main course of food that would be served at the reception, the decorations on the tables, the type of music that would be played, and so on. One example of this can be if the theme of the wedding has been zeroed in to be a nautical one, then in that case you might as well order for candles that are in the shape of sailboats, card holders with the shape of lighthouses, cookies that have the shape of fishes and starfishes, and the likes. You can even decide on gifting your guests with a few uncommon bridal shower favors which they are definitely going to like. However, in case you are fraught with the thought of where to find out these things, then there is good news for you in the form of the online website by the name of American Bridal, which is famous for its easier way to help individuals find accessories, marriage favors and wedding gifts at a cheaper rate. Besides, even the other items that you might require for your marriage are bound to be found out on this particular website. A few of the other things that you might come across in this site are books for the guests, gifts for the bride’s maids and the groom’s men and toasting flutes for the wedding. With this American Bridal site to aid you in deciding as well as planning out your bridal shower at a cheaper rate, you can well expect to have a great memory etched in your heart.

Moreover, even with a lower price, you can expect to pull off a grand marriage without having to head for City Hall. No doubt there are some of them who believe in throwing a lavish wedding, complete with all the bags of gifts for the guests, costly orchestras, a huge number of peonies and the like. But then what was it about those lavish marriages that the guests could remember? The speech given by the best man or the decoration of the flowers? Therefore, it is not about the finances that have been spent on the wedding which speaks volumes about it or helps in making the people attending it remember for many years to come, but the simple goal of creating a memorable experience, not merely for the bride and the groom, but for the guests as well. It has to be one event which would herald the onset of a bright life for the bride and the groom. As has been aptly said by a well-known marriage and party planner, the people attending the wedding has to basically get to know more about the life of the bride and the groom and walk away with the feeling that they have got to know about two people who were in love and have come together. If this has been achieved, then you can be rest assured that the real meaning and reason for holding the event has been a success.

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