How to Build Friendship with People

How to Build Friendship with People

How to Build Friendship with People

Human beings come to the earth alone and they also have to leave alone one day. Why then is it that at such times, when we are on this earth, we cannot bear to live without the company of one or the other? If we are to delve deeply into this question, the only probable answer we get is it owes its roots to the fact that we cannot live without the company of each other, being social animals who live in a society. Even animals or the other lowly creatures are seen to be in their groups with others of their kind, then how much more is it true in the case of human beings, who need one another to share all their joys and sorrows with, and in the absence of which, chances are that he/she may go insane. Somebody who has been left alone despairs or longs for the company of other human beings. The pain as well as trauma of such an individual cannot be felt or understood by other people, but by the one going through it. Especially, at times of our lives when we are in our very best and among the company of other people, this appears like a situation we are indifferent to, only to feel it once we ourselves are in the midst of similar circumstances where we die to have the company of someone or the other, but then alas there is nobody by our side and however much we may fret about it, it is of no use. For some people, being friends with other people or getting along with other people come naturally or spontaneously; however for others, it is nothing less than a nightmare to go all out and speak to other people, leave alone being friends with him or her. If you are among this category of people, who dread at the thought of talking to other people, there is hope for you in the form of this article, where we are going to cite before you measures on how to build friendship with people.

Agreed that, one has to pay heed to one’s relation with one’s husband or wife above all, but then apart from this one beautiful relationship, there are also the relations with our friends that we have to pay heed to, especially close ones. It must not happen that the relation with your husband or wife becomes the only relationship you have. Even at times, when we are in dire circumstances, it is none but our friends who are constantly there by our side and give us a shoulder to lean on to during such distressed times. Of course, it does not mean that our family members or our relatives are not there in our times of need; however, there might be times, when it may not be possible for them to be near us at our times of grief. It is then that friends come to our much needed aid, supporting us in our endeavors. However, cultivating lasting or loving friendships with people, no doubt, are bound to take their own sweet time as well as a bit of effort on our part, but then at the end of the day, it is worth all the effort and time spent on it. If you are thinking how to build friendship with people as well as enjoy the fruits of it, then here we are laying down for you some methods.

  • Be your natural self: Friends mostly like to be with people who are in their own self and not pretending to be someone else, whom they are not. Everybody generally love genuine people and for this, it is advised that one be in his/her natural self as far as is possible and make friends discover the real you. There is no need to be in the garb of someone you are not.
  • Only friendly people attract other people of their type: It is right when we are told by our mothers in childhood that to be able to make friends, we have to first and foremost be friendly ourselves. Only if we are friendly by nature, can we expect to draw other people towards us and make them befriend us.
  • Be helpful towards other people: It is only by contributing to the welfare of other people that we can expect them to make friends with us. We need to contribute to the well-being of other people, for them to befriend us.
  • Spread words of encouragement: One has to be encouraging for other people to come closer to them and make friendships with them. The words of encouragement, which we have for other people serves as a balm for their souls and we need to spread them as liberally as is possible.
  • Be interesting: It is a common human tendency to be amongst people, who are interesting, and hence we have to cultivate more knowledge or skills in ourselves, to be friends with other people, who would like to be in our company at all times. Only when we have something or the other to share with other people, can we expect them to be near us at all times. For this to take place, one needs to keep learning more and more, read or travel more often than before.
  • Loyalty counts a lot: Another quality one needs to have to draw people closer to them is loyalty. That is to say, no matter how difficult it may be, we need to be by the side of our close friends during times when they are in need of our company if we expect the same from them in the future. No matter whatever be the circumstances; always make it a point to be there by the side of your close friends especially during their hard times. It is not that we should be by their side only to share their joys, but also their sorrows as well.
  • imagesAdd value to the life of other people: A true friend adds value to the life of his or her friends by sharing from their lives all the good abilities, knowledge, potential, qualities or skills that they are endowed with or have acquired in the process.
  • Understanding is of utmost importance: One has to understand for his/her friend to understand them better. Only by understanding other people, can we expect to make them understand us better.
  • Be direct with your friends: It is but natural at times for misunderstandings to occur among friends. However, care has to be taken that, they do not fester the relation to an extent that we cannot speak to them anymore in the future. At the moment that they occur, caution needs to be taken to see to it that they are dealt with a lot of gentleness as well as honesty as the relationships with friends are generally bound to be of a sensitive nature.
  • Accept all the differences in people: One should accept all the differences in other people to build a healthy and loving relationship. For that to happen, one needs to come out of his/her comfort zone and experiment mingling with other people of different nature to discover how to build friendship with people.
  • Flexibility helps: One has to be flexible in accepting the alterations in the degree of closeness among friends at times in their lives because there are bound to be times in the life of every person, when he or she would experience differences in the degree of friendships with people with the changes in the order of their lives.
  • Be there for your friends as and when they need you: In our modern lives, agreed that it becomes impossible at times to be available for our friends. However, we need to make out time from our busy schedule of life to spend with our friends as well as make the use of e-mails and text messages to be in touch with them as and when time permits.
  • Let your friends know how much they mean to you: We may feel that our friends are aware of how much we need them; however, it does no harm at making them feel that they are special in our lives through verbal words. In this manner, you can be rest assured that they now do.
  • Dependability counts: We also have to be dependable people and never betray the expectations of our friends if we expect them to be our friends forever.

It is a very hard task to build genuine as well as lasting friendships in the modern times with people.
By properly investing time in building it, we are going to find that there are many people in this world who are looking for real friendships. One has to open himself/herself to other people. Therefore, it is all the more advisable to give time to discover how to build friendship with people, for you never know when they might serve as lifelines for you one fine day, when you are in much need.

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