How to Bury a Goldfish

Your goldfish is dead and you must be very sad. There can be a lot of reasons for her death. The reason of death can be a natural cause, old age, disease, stress or killed by another fish, etc. Now after her death, you must be thinking how to bury a goldfish. This page can be of great help if you have question similar to that in your mind.


The goldfish is usually a freshwater fish. It is one of the earliest fish to be domesticated. People just love to keep this fish in their aquarium. It is relatively a small member of the carp family. A goldfish is a domestic version of a less colorful carp, which belongs to East Asia. About a thousand years ago, China was the first country to domesticate the goldfish. You can get many different breeds of goldfish. Goldfish breeds can vary in size, body shape, fin configuration and color. You can have a goldfish of beautiful colors such as various combinations of white, yellow, orange, red, brown, and black.

Care of a goldfish:

You need to have a minimum of 20 gallons near a filter.

Also, I advise you not to remove more than 50% of the water. If you take out less than 50% of water, there is no need to remove the fish.

Once a month, you can rinse the filter medium in the tank wet. Pellets are generally easier than flakes because they do not dissolve with the alacrity. The pallets will stay on top of the wet until the fish eats them.

You should not buy a sick goldfish at the first hand. When you are buying a fish, look out for a goldfish that is actively swimming around and has no marks on the body. There should not be any white fuzz, no little strings baggy, no red spots or wounds, etc.

These suggestions can be really helpful if you want to know how to bury a goldfish:

1. Take out the dead goldfish from the aquarium with the help of a net. If the fish is dead suffering from a disease, you cannot let the contaminated pieces of the fish remain in the tank.

2. You should maintain a separate net for each aquarium. This ensures that there is no cross contamination between fish tanks.

3. Dangerous diseases can spread from one tank to another due to the infected aquarium water!

4. You can have more than one goldfish in your tank. So you should always check your tanks daily whether they contain sick or dead fish. You need to take out the sick or dead fish immediately.

5. The snails and scavengers eat up dead goldfish in no time. So the best and most effective way to dispose of a dead fish is to let it dispose off naturally.

6. You might be surprised of letting the dead fish in tank. But it’s quite right to let it eaten naturally.

7. You can use this method only when you know that your fish was healthy and that they are dead from natural causes like old age or if the fish died accidentally after getting stuck inside the coral.

8. You gold fish can suffer from some infectious disease like ick or camallanus worms. In that scenario, do not let the fish to remain in the tank for long.

  1. Some people flush their dead fish down the toilet. Everyone should know what the real use of a toilet is. How can you flush your beloved fish. It’s not right at all.10. If you stay in an apartment and there is no yard, then it is a little difficult to find a place to bury your goldfish.
    11. You can wrap the dead fish in a tissue or a newspaper. You can now put it in an airtight bag. You can use a fish-shipping bag, a plastic sandwich bag, or a grocery bag for this purpose. You now need to tie the bag tightly or seal the bag closed using a rubber band.

    12. If you care about the people who pick up your garbage, then you can write the message “dead fish” on the outside of the bag.

It is better to go for step four or 7 first because these methods are better for the environment in the long run. Imagine how bad it is that the people at the dump melting down the plastic containing the dead fish.

Yes, it is definitely good to bury the fish in a natural and environmentally friendly.  But if you can’t find a place to bury the fish, then try to feed it to an aquatic snail.

When you have an access to a lawn or a dirt area, you have to dig a hole and bury the goldfish. Now this is a perfect place to bury a dead fish instead of throwing it in a garbage area.

Now cover the dead fish’s body with dirt and after that, the earthworms and other natural scavengers will decompose the fish.

You can keep away other animals from digging the dead fish by laying down a brick over the dirt hole. The brick will help to keep away the dogs and other animals from digging the dead fish’s hole.

There is always a need of a few worms at or near the surface just under the brick.  You can feed these to certain species of fish. See the resources section for more information.

You can get bricks at your nearest garden supply store. These bricks cost $1.00 to $3.00. You need one brick for this but you can buy more than one brick if you want to have more worms.

You should not use any soil from the area of soil where you bury your dead fish.

You loved your beautiful fish so much. There is not any doubt it! You obviously need to find a place to bury it properly when it is dead. You should go through this paper if want to know how to bury your goldfish.

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