How to Bury St. Joseph

St. Joseph statue is the most common thing you can find facing the house. This statue is kept upside down as a part of good omen. Many people want to know how to bury St. Joseph statue in a proper way to get the best results. If you are the one looking for the answer to this same question, this paper here can be of great help.


Some people think that this tradition is as old as the age, which can be said as the “degradation of the saints”. During that age, the tradition was that the killers used to threaten the saints by burying them in the ground. While burying them, they used to say to the saints ”I will put your head down in the dirt until you help me to sell my house”.
Today, the tradition is still the same. People bury a statue of St. Joseph in the ground but now they do not threaten the saints. Instead, people pray to his good will and ask him to help them with a fast and a profitable sale.

Who is St. Joseph:

Saint Joseph is a very important personality in Christian belief.  He is said to be the husband of the Virgin Mary. According to the Christian records, St. Joseph was the earthly father of Jesus Christ.

Christian tradition shows Mary as a widow. The gospels illustrate Joseph as a “tekton”. In earlier times, tekton used to represent a carpenter. Very little information is present in the Gospels with respect to Joseph.

Joseph is acclaimed as a saint in the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Lutheran faiths. In Catholic traditions, Joseph is regarded as the saint of workers. He is believed to have several feast days.

Some people feel that it is also a good practice to bury a St Joseph statue to sell your house. People have a faith that it can enhance their chances to sell their houses.

How to bury St Joseph statue

1. The most desired place to bury the statue is your yard. There is no any exact location as it can vary. But the most common place is the front of your house. The most favorable sites are either near to the “For Sale” sign or near to the road.

2. The most common position to bury the statue is the up-side down position. You can also bury it upright. The statue should face the house in both the cases.

3. People pray to St. Joseph when they are burying him. It is quite understood that they keep on praying until the house is sold.

4. The most important part in the whole process is to have faith in St. Joseph all the time. Without faith, there is no point in following all those traditions.

When the house is sold, some people say that you can leave the statue in the ground as it is, while other people say that you need to take him out. You can take him with you to your new home. You can place the statue in your home as symbol of honor.

There are many myths about St. Joseph. Many Catholics believed that he is the one who grants an easy death. While some Catholic folk-magic followers say that he is the patron saint of real estate matters. Some also believe that since Saint Joseph was a worker, he helps the unemployed people to find employment. The reason stated for such type of belief is that he was a carpenter who taught his stepson Jesus about the carpentering trade. Also, he took proper care of Jesus and always saw to it that Jesus was well housed.

St. Joseph is very popular among Sicilian-Americans. They also credit him for saving the nation of Sicily from famine. He did this by bringing a bountiful crop of Fava Beans. He also brought a good fish catch at a time when all other opportunities of food had failed. Still today, it is a custom to cook a meal of Fava Beans on St. Joseph’s day. In New Orleans, where Sicilian fishermen finally settled, there is a custom of wishing on Saint Joseph Beans. It is a practice to carry seven beans, known as “Mojo Beans” or “African Wishing Beans,” in the pocket for seven days. It is believed that when you throw the beans into running water over the left shoulder, it will fulfill your wish.

Saint Joseph and Real Estate Sales

The custom to bury a statue of St. Joseph in the yard to sell one’s house is very old in the United States. Despite the claims made by the “urban legends” page online that the custom only started in the 1970s, there are many references like hoodoo spiritual supply catalogues that shows this practice was prevalent in 1930 also.

There is also a functional opposite to St. Joseph statue. This is a Catholic entity called Lady of Loreto. People believe that the petitioner can address her to buy or rent a house.

Below is the text of a real estate ritual and prayer to Saint Joseph. You can also draw many other rituals from different traditional sources:

1 dressed and blessed Saint Joseph Candle
1 statue of St. Joseph
1 bottle St. Joseph Oil
1 St. Joseph chromo print
1 St. Joseph holy card

When your house is sold, you can dig the hole, take out the statue, and clean it. Now you can carry it to your new home. You can keep it in a place of honor. Some people believe that if you do not perform the same, it will result into trouble with the sold house or trouble with the new home.

When you are in a need to sell your house, you can bury the statue of St. Joseph. This can help you in the fast selling of your house. You should go through this paper if want to know how to bury St Joseph statue.

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