How to Bury Your Dog

When anyone’s dog dies, he/she is filled with grief. When such a situation occurs, the first thing that comes into your mind is how to bury your dog. Obviously, you cannot let the body lie in the home for a long time. There can be many reasons for the delay in the burial of the dog.

What to Do With the Body

  • Clean the body of the dog. You should wash the body completely all around his mouth, anal and genital areas.
  • You need to position your dog properly. If the stiffening is still there, you should position the legs to tuck in. This can help to prevent breakage of bones.
  • You should wrap the body in a blanket.
  • Now you can place the blanket wrapped body in a plastic bag. Tie it tightly and put it in the freezer to prevent decomposition. If the body is not put in the freezer, the body can have foul smell.The body of the dog starts to smell after approximately six hours in a temperature of about 15 degree Celsius. The smell can quickly affect an entire house once it starts. Higher temperatures result in fast decomposition of the body. You can preserve the body for any number of days with you but you need to take proper care of the body.

A burial service for your dog shows your love and affection for the dead animal. It is a tribute to the beautiful memories shared between you and your dog.

You can follow the steps if you want to know how to bury your dog:

1. First of all, choose a burial site.  If you own a large piece of land, you can bury your dog in it. Many cities have pet cemeteries nowadays. You can also visit websites like Cherished Memories, which has a database of all the national pet cemeteries and crematoriums.

2. It is your wish to use a casket. Some people think that a casket is a proper burial while some people prefer to wrap their dog in a cloth or a blanket for burial. You can bury the dog without any covering.

3. You can invite your family members and any other person who loved your dog to the burial. You should not invite those people who might not understand your relationship with your dog. Only people who understand the importance of creating a burial ritual should be present at the burial.

4. You have to dig the grave deep enough so that the rain and other animals can’t unbury your dog. When you bury the dog at a pet cemetery, the staff does this step for you.

5. You can place the dog with any of his favorite toys or tokens of your love. Some pet cemeteries are very similar to human cemeteries that lowers the casket into the grave, and the staff may perform this part of the burial for you.

6. You can ask everyone present at the ceremony to share a positive memory that shows your dog’s personality. This truly shows how much they felt for her. You can also offer a prayer at the burial site.

7. Fill in the grave. If the staff of the pet cemetery fills the grave in for you, toss a handful of earth into the grave to symbolize the closure of your relationship with him.

Why You Should Bury Your Pet Yourself

People generally think that they do not have the strength to bury their own dogs. This is because of the emotional attachment between them and the pet. You need to understand that you owe something to your pet for all the beautiful moments spent with the dog. It is never a good gesture from your side to just leave the body behind at the vet. You will one day be very proud of your decision to bury your dog due to following reasons:

It’s an emotional outlet.

I was in complete hysteria when my first dog was buried. Coming back to home, I couldn’t stop myself and burst into uncontrollable tears due to the warm feelings for the dog. Whenever I used to be alone at the home, my dog used to be my companion. The day my dog died was the worst day of my life. I still miss him so much. We were both like friends. When I was taking his body to the woods, I was filled with grief. After walking down 4 miles, I felt a little lighter due to exertion. Still, I was wrecked from inside. No one can fill the place of my dog.

It’s closure:

Some people curse themselves for not a proper closure. There are people who leave the body of dog when it dies. After some time, those people realize their mistakes and think why had not they buried their beloved dog. I am sure you will feel right once it’s done. When standing there at his grave and when it is finished, I felt I’d never have gotten that type of closure any other way.

Where to Bury Your Pet

  • You can bury your dog in your backyard, if you have a large empty space. If there is any cemetery nearby, you can also bury your dog there.
  • You need to choose a place nearby, where you can visit easily. If you bury the pet at the top of the highest hill, that may be look lovely but then you cannot visit the place, as often you would like to.
  • You should choose a place that makes you smile. You should not choose a location that will depress you each time you visit.
  • You should not bury your dog on someone else’s property. Also, some places have restrictions on burying pets.  You should not choose that place as a burial ground for your dog.

Your pet is the best companion anyone can have at the times of happiness and loneliness. You need to find a place to bury it properly when it is dead. You should go through this paper if want to know how to bury your dog.

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