How to Calculate Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the amount or rate of data transfer across the network cable. This bandwidth is measured in bits per seconds (bps). The smallest unit for measuring bandwidth is bytes. Larger bandwidths are often measured in kilobytes (KB), megabytes (MB) and gigabytes (GB). Bandwidth is mainly calculated to know the speed with which data is transferred across the line. Learning how to calculate bandwidth can help you to calculate bandwidth that is used by your system.

Calculating Bandwidth

  • It is very easy to calculate bandwidth you have been using while you are in network or connected to an internet connection. You just need to calculate the size of all the files that are used during the transfer.
  • To measure the bandwidth used by a certain web page, you need to add sizes of all the files that are used by this web page. These files include all the data files, html files, images or any other files.
  • Now, add all these file sizes and this sum is the base file size .If the file size of your html file is 6 KB, size of your data base file is 15 KB and size of your image file is 3 KB. Then your base file size is addition of all these files, 6+15+3 i.e. 24 KB.
  • If you want this size for a website, calculate the size of each page and divide it by the number of pages on the website.
  • Now, estimate the number of page views for the file. There are many analytical tools that will help you in determining the number of page views. One such tool is Google Analytics. You may either use the historical data of the page views or the estimated data of the page views. Use any one of them.
  • When you have estimated the number of page views per month and the base file size, multiply the number of page views with the base file size.  Suppose in this case you estimated the number of views to be 7000, then the bandwidth you have been using is 7000 × 24 is 238000 KB.
  • If you have calculated the bandwidth in any other unit then you can convert it into the appropriate units.

You can also calculate monthly bandwidth for your website. This will be very help full if you have built your own website or are hosting a website. By calculating the monthly bandwidth you will be able to know how much bandwidth you should buy so that your website functions properly.

To calculate the monthly bandwidth, determine the average page size of each page on your website. Adding all these page sizes and dividing it by total number of pages on your site will give you the average page size. If you have built your own site then go to the web editor and look for the files sizes of each page. Now, you can determine the number of page views going to the Google Analytics, get the average number of page views and multiply it by 30. By multiplying the average page size with the number of page views, you can calculate bandwidth of the website.

There are many online calculators which will help you calculate your bandwidth. To calculate the bandwidth using these online calculators you need to enter the average page size and number of monthly page views and you will get the bandwidth calculated for you.

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