How to Calculate Resting Metabolic Rate

Resting metabolic rate is defined as the rate at which you burn calories and energy when you are at rest. The equation used to calculate RMR or resting metabolic rate is called “Mufflin Equation”. It is a very important attribute to be calculated when you need to estimate the weight loss. This article will describe how to calculate resting metabolic rate of your body.

Resting metabolic rate is synonymous with Resting Energy Rate or REE. We also calculate BMR or Basal metabolic Rate of our body most of the times. RMR and BMR are different, RMR measures the amount of calories burnt at rest whereas, BMR gives a measurement of the amount of calories required for the proper functioning of the vital body organs.

Calculating resting metabolic rate

The formula for calculating resting metabolic rate is given as:

RMR = 9.99(Wt) + 6.25(Ht) – 4.92(Age) + 166(Gender)-161

In the above equation:

  • “Wt” is the weight in kilograms
  • “Ht” is the height in centimeters
  • “Age” should be entered in years
  • The value for gender is 1 if you are male and 0 if you are female

Steps to calculate RMR

To calculate resting metabolic rate you need to calculate all the necessary attributes that are to be entered in the above formula.

  • Step 1: Initially, calculate your weight in kilograms. If you have calculated your weight in any other units then convert it into kilograms. If you have calculated your weight in pounds, then divide it by 2.2 to convert it into kilograms.
  • Step 2: Calculate your height in centimeters and enter it in the above equation. To make conversions, if you have calculated height in any other units, multiply or divide the calculated value with appropriate conversion factor. You can measure your height using a measuring tape.
  • Step 3: If you are male, then substitute 1 in the field of gender otherwise substitute 0.
  • Step 4: When you have calculated all the required values, perform calculations using calculator.


Suppose your calculated weight in kilograms is 79.545.You have calculated your height as 182.88 centimeters and you are a male, then using the above formula for calculating RMR,

RMR = 9.99(Wt) + 6.25(Ht) – 4.92(Age) + 166(Gender)-161

RMR = 9.99(79.545) + 6.25(182.88) – 4.92(28) + 166(1)-161

RMR = 794.6545 + 1143 – 137.76 + 166 – 161

RMR = 1804.8945

This shows that you burn 1804 calories per day when your body is at rest. This number will play a vital role in planning your diet, so that you can intake appropriate amount of calories to maintain your body weight. You can also use this number to plan your physical activities, so that you can burn only a desired amount of calories.

You can also use online calculators for calculating your resting metabolic rate. These online calculators use the same formula as we have used in the above example. You need to insert the values of your height, weight and gender and click on the calculate button to get your resting metabolic rate calculated.

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