How to Celebrate April Fool’s Day

How to Celebrate April Fool's Day

How to Celebrate April Fool's Day

Life needs some elements for it to become more interesting and one among them is the element of delight or fun or joy. In the presence of the element of fun, life becomes all the more worthwhile to live and in the absence of it, it becomes boring or dull as well as good for nothing, as if there is just no meaning to it at all. Of course, it is simply impossible for people to be full of delight or fun or joy at each and every moment of their lives. But then there are certain moments of our life, when we can be a part of all the delight, fun or joy and experience happiness all around us. Even though it is not right for people to take delight or joy by making fun of other people, nonetheless there is one particular time of the year, when we all get the freedom or liberty to be a part of all the delight or joy by merely making a fool of other people or by making fun of other people as well as taking them by shock. This particular time of the year is celebrated all throughout the world by the name of April Fool’s Day or All Fool’s Day, believed to be one of the funniest days of the year. How All Fool’s Day or April Fool’s Day began as a celebration is not exactly certain or known. Two of the most accepted of all explanations or theories, dating back to its origin of being celebrated as a festival of delight or joy or happiness is that while some people believe it is celebrated after the adoption of a new calendar, others believe that it is being celebrated as a change or turn of the seasons, that is, from the harsh cold winter months to the warm arrival of the season of spring. In fact, most of the ancient cultures, and especially the Hindus as well as the Romans, celebrated the arrival of the New Year, somewhere around the 1st of April or even on that particular date. During the days of medieval times, most of the Europeans celebrated the 25th of March, which was the Feast of Annunciation, as the beginning of the New Year. If you are one among other people, who is thinking how to celebrate April Fool’s Day or All Fool’s Day, here in this article we are laying down before you methods for the same.

Even though one may crack a joke on others, it is equally true that even other people might crack a joke on them on All Fool’s Day or April Fool’s Day as all have a right for celebration on this much anticipated day, which comes once a year. In fact, one must not miss on the chance to crack jokes on one’s co-workers, family or friends, also at the same time expecting some of them cracked on themselves as well.

  • First and foremost be aware of the customs of celebrating April fool’s Day in that particular area, place or region – The first and foremost rule to bear in mind before discovering how to celebrate April Fool’s Day or All Fool’s Day is the extent to which one can crack a joke and the duration of time allowed for it. The rules for it are different in all the places or regions. In some places, jokes can be cracked on people up till noon hours, while in some other places, all throughout the day, people can go about cracking jokes on others. If in case, the time for cracking jokes is over, one gets to hear the following line or considered a fool: “April Fool’s Day past and gone, You’re the fool for making one.”
  • Be engaged in pranks – The jokes or pranks to be cracked on other people are many. The first and foremost thing to bear in mind before cracking a joke on people is the resources available with you and what can be borne by the victim. For example, a prank that messes up or spoils the other’s clothing or footwear may be fine with one’s family member or friend or co-worker; however, if the same prank is played on one’s boss or employer, one might have to crack it at the cost of one’s job. In all, one needs to apply one’s common sense before cracking a joke on other people, without blowing up the budget for cracking a joke. In fact, the prank does not need to be too much elaborate. It can be anything as a crank phone call to a fellow worker. Even though, one common way is to say “April fool” to the victim caught off guard, being more creative helps. For that, one can hide the keys of the car of the victim and then place a post on the steering wheel saying “April fool!!”
  • In fact, everything depends on knowing exactly the victim’s style of living, and then decide on how to celebrate April Fool’s Day by discovering the best way possible for disrupting them. One thing known by most of the people is that the best of pranks are the ones that catch the victim off guard. For that, early morning is the best time for cracking jokes on other people, without most of them realizing that it is April Fool’s Day. After the victim has been caught off guard and made a fool, one can afford to laugh off their head, of course being sure at the same time that they are laughing at the effect of the joke or prank and not at the victim without hurting them. For that, one should not use condescending or crude language.
  • Crack a joke or prank by using your friend’s accessories or gear- – Another excellent way to make a fool of your friend or co-worker is to ask for their accessories or gear like their favorite hardcover and make it appear as if you are ripping it apart, or an iPod and snip off its cord with care of course to be able to restore it back to its original state later on. One can well imagine their horror or surprise as one fiddles or messes around with their favorite belongings.
  • Make the most of the day, i.e. All Fool’s Day or April Fool’s Day – If in case, you are famous for being a little crazy, All Fool’s Day or April Fool’s Day is your day for freaking people with crazy jokes. One can cause all the people start sneezing by spraying something in the air, which is, of course, not dangerous. One can also make or prepare edible glass and crash through it or eat it up. One can also pretend to get ones arm caught in the door and agonize with painful noises.
  • Crack jokes with food – One can also choose to crack jokes or pranks on other people with the aid of food. For that, one can make disappearing foods, ghastly foods, popping foods, or foods making strange or weird noises. In fact, some of them are as follows ‒
  • One can clog the salt shaker so that no salt comes out on shaking it. One can also mix salt and sugar together and the victim will have a hard time pouring out the salt.
  • Pretend to eat fake dirt and fool friends by making them believe as if they are having real dirt.
  • One can also leave some toothpaste inside the Oreo biscuits. The victim would have a hard time on biting the biscuits.
  • downloadOne can also choose to give mashed potato at the end of an ice-cream cone. If in case, they are confused as to the taste after eating it, tell them politely that it has been made at home.
  • One can also choose to replace apple juice for beer and fool one’s family or friends.
  • One can also turn an egg shell that is empty upside down and make it appear as a boiled egg ready to be eaten.
  • Crack joke with the aid of daily or everyday objects or things – In fact, one good way of discovering how to celebrate April Fool’s Day or All Fool’s Day is to make fun of other people or play pranks with everyday stuff, that is, to discover methods for bringing about minute, unnoticeable alterations or changes to items at home which are needed for a daily usage in a manner that they do not function normally as they usually do. A few examples are given ‒
  • Drop in inside the bathroom at the time people are having their bath and remove all the towels, leaving only a cloth behind, so that they are forced to dry themselves off with it, as well as put it on as well and come out of the bathroom in that manner. It is, of course, advised not to do this with anyone but one’s lover who won’t mind if one accidentally get to notice them in a naked state. It is recommended not to do it otherwise with other people who won’t take it in a good spirit.
  • Place a sign on the front door which goes like this “Please use the back door for coming in or going out as painting is in progress.” One can, in fact, choose to place whatever is suitable according to the place. The victim will, without being aware of the joke or prank, walk around the back door, only to notice the same sign again on that door. You can then come out and after seeing the victim’s face turn red with anger, loudly shout out “APRIL FOOL!”
  • Paste a coin to the ground and make passers by feel as if they have discovered a free coin, merely to feel silly later on.
  • Paste other people’s toothbrushes solidly into a cup before they use it again.
  • Tie a rubber band all around the kitchen sprayer nozzle so that when other people turn on the tap, they would become wet.
  • Check online sites for ideas – Apart from sharing or uploading one’s own ideas or jokes or pranks on the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter as well as Youtube, one can also get ideas from them.

It is extremely essential to know if people on whom one is planning to crack a joke or play a prank on has the required level of humor or patience to accommodate the joke or prank being played on him/her, or better still to be within that level of humor or patience that they can deal with or handle. In fact, it is best advised to keep jokes or pranks fun or light-hearted. In fact, jokes or pranks bringing about damage or harm or pain to other people, either mentally or physically, are never delightful or funny and are liable to land one in some trouble, especially if it damages some property. Even important friendships can be lost for cracking jokes or playing pranks on All Fool’s Day or April Fool’s Day on other people.

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