How to Choose a Kayak Paddle

Kayaking is adventurous, and a favorite sport of many. It can be difficult or very easy as per the watercourse and the kayak paddle you use. The paddle will help you move forward fighting the waves. There are different types of kayak paddles available in the market. You need to understand which paddle would suit your kayak, and would be comfortable for you. The make, weight and height of the paddle will affect your kayaking. To help you choose the right paddle for your kayak, we have listed down a few tips that tell you how to choose a kayak paddle.

How to choose a kayak paddle?

  • The first point in choosing a paddle is the size of your body. The paddle serves as an arm extension for you. You should be comfortable in holding and using a paddle. While choosing a paddle, hold the paddle like you would hold it while paddling your kayak. The blade of the paddle should be at a suitable distance from your palm; approximately a distance of 4-5 inches would suffice.
  • Another point you need to note is to check the width of your kayak that you use, and the length of your torso that is the upper part of the body. Some people are tall, but have a comparatively short torso. In this case, you need a short paddle for yourself. Very long paddle will make it difficult for you to paddle your kayak holding the paddle.
  • After length, the other important factor is the material of which the paddle is made. Paddles are made of different materials. There are wood, plastic and aluminum paddles. It provides with the option to choose from weight and durability of the paddle. Plastic paddle for example will be very lightweight, but it is not as durable as compared to wooden or aluminum paddle.
  • You should choose from aluminum and wooden paddles. Plastic paddles are not recommended. Kids can be given this while they are with you in the kayak, so that they do not hurt themselves with the wooden or aluminum paddle.
  • There is a fiberglass cover on the wooden paddle. These paddles are very durable, but will be a tough workout for your arm.
  • Aluminum paddles would not be as powerful in water as these wooden paddles will be; however, it will be comparatively easier for you to use. It won’t be a muscle building activity for you.
  • There are detachable paddles available in the market. These paddles make it easier to carry them while in transit. You can easily take it in your car or SUV. However, these detachable paddles might not be as powerful as the one-piece paddle. Detachable paddles might cause problems while paddling the kayak. A oneā€“piece paddle would be recommended.
  • The paddles having oval grip are better and give you a good grip. They do not slip from your hands and do not make it uncomfortable for you to hold it with your hand. The round grips are old fashioned, and not as comfortable.
  • Before buying a paddle, rent a paddle. When you go for kayaking, rent a paddle. Every time, rent a different kind of paddle. This will help you decide which paddle is comfortable for you, and helps you enjoy kayaking. Kayak rentals also provide paddles on rent. Try out a few before you decide to buy one. After all, practical experience is better than following theory. It will help you choose the right paddle for your kayak.

Using these tips mentioned, choose the right paddle for your kayak, and enjoy your kayaking.

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