How to Cite a Lecture MLA

A learner or student should definitely cite notes, textbooks, articles, etc. This citation will help you to prepare notes, prepare for your assignments, viva and exams as well. Besides this you can also cite notes from your professor’s lecture. The lecture will prove very helpful to you. You can record, take down notes or use different methods to cite lecture. One such is MLA, if you wish to use this to cite your lecture, you must know how to cite a lecture -MLA, i.e., how to cite lecture using MLA format

Notes can be taken down in different formats such as APA, MLA, short hand, tree diagrams, etc. MLA is a very popular format of taking notes.

Using the instructions written below you can cite notes in MLA format.

Lecturer Name:

  • You have to first write down the name of your lecturer. It should be written in a specific format i.e., last name, first name and initial of the middle name. For example, George Richard M.

Label the lecture:

  • If you are attending a guest lecture, then label your notes as ‘Guest Lecture Notes’ and if it is a normal class lecture then label it as the same.
  • Thus the main heading will now look like- George Richard M., Class Lecture

Title the Notes:

  • Title the notes because this will help you to search the notes when you look at it after some days. Labelling the notes specifically as per the chapter or sub-chapter will organize your notes.
  • Your labelling can be like – Lecture 1 : Introduction to Psychology
  • After the main labelling of name and lecture, label your notes as mentioned above.
  • Your citation will thus look like - George Richard M., Class Lecture, Introduction to Psychology.


  • Next step in MLA format is the place where the lecture is delivered. If it is a class lecture, your venue will be your class room and if it is a guest lecture delivered at some other venue, you can mention that venue. In this case, since we have taken it as a class lecture our venue will be the college or university itself.
  • After this, your citation will look like- George Richard M., Class Lecture, Introduction to Psychology, Zen College of Arts, New York, USA.

Date and Time:

  • Last in this format will be Date and time. Mentioning time is optional but you need to mention the date.
  • The date will be in the dd/mm/yyyy format, i.e., date followed by the month and year.
  • This will complete the MLA format citation. Your final citation will look as follows:

George Richard M., Class Lecture, Introduction to Psychology, Zen College of Arts, New York, USA, 5 May 2011

Taking down notes:

  • After this, you can start writing down the notes in points, shorthand, diagrams, etc.
  • Citation of the notes will help you when you recall that particular lecture. These notes will help you to prepare for exams, and will prove beneficial as these notes would be unique than the printed notes available everywhere for reference.
  • Using these instructions you can cite notes in MLA format and use it for future reference.

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