How to Clean Office Equipment

Learning how to clean office equipments is essential, as the place you work, whether office or home office has to be kept clean. A clean office helps to encourage the employee’s productivity and safety. In office, you will find various types of equipments. Most often used office equipments are fax machines, monitors, computers, phones, scanner etc, which are constantly touched and may look dirty quickly.

In order to keep the equipment in better conditions and look fresh, you need to clean it regularly. If you know the proper way of cleaning the equipment then you may not waste more time in cleaning them. Are you interested to know how to clean the office equipments? Then, read the following simple tips provided here:

  • Dusting is very essential to keep the equipments free from dust. You can use a feather duster to clean the equipments or else spray a cleaner on the cloth and use it to wipe the equipments such as phones, fax machines, copiers, printers and scanners. These items should be cleaned regularly, so that dust does not get trapped inside.
  • While cleaning the glass monitors and screens, you need to take care as they may get scratches during cleaning. Therefore, you need to clean the glass monitors and screens with a cloth dipped in distilled water, as this water does not contain particles, which scratch the glasses.
  • To clean the keyboard you need to blow out the dust settled between the keys with the help of a vacuum or compressed air. You can spray compressed air onto the keyboard, which helps to remove the dust settled between the keys and allows it to be kept clean and free of dust.
  • Try to keep the office equipment in a dust-free area, which is well ventilated. This helps to keep them away from dust for longer time. However, even after keeping them in such a place, the dust will still get collected over the equipments. Thus, often they need to be examined to be cleaned.
  • To clean the mouse, firstly you need to turn off the computer. Then you need to unplug the mouse. After unplugging the mouse you need to turn it and take out the covering of the tracking ball .Take out the tracking ball and dip it in soap water.
  • In order to keep away dust on the base or within the mouse, you need to place a mouse pad. Take a damp cloth and clean the mouse pads by wiping it.


  • Avoid vacuuming the electronic equipment
  • Never spray liquid cleaner onto the keyboards or inside the computer

Neat and clean office gives a good feeling to work. The daily used office equipments needs to be cleaned on a regular basis in order to keep the office neat and tidy. Once you know the proper way of how to clean the office equipments, it becomes easier for you to maintain the equipments in a proper manner.

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