How to Clean Your House

How to Clean Your House

How to Clean Your House

We all like to be amidst clean things and avoid things that are cluttered, dirty and messy. Yes, we all agree that a clean and neat home attracts a lot of good elements to it, apart from being pleasing to the eyes of its beholder and it appears welcoming to those who land in it. On the contrary, any house that is dirty with unwanted items is nothing less than a pain to the eyes of its inhabitants. But, a house cannot be dirty or messy on its own. It is done so by its owners or the people living in it, and accordingly it is the duty and the responsibility of the inhabitants or the owners to ensure that it is cleaned up as frequently as is possible, in order to make it free of any dust as well as germs that are found in the house. But then, not every individual is well versed about how to clean a house, and the most common thing that happens when some people are giving the thought of cleaning their house is bringing in the factor of procrastination that keeps them postponing their plans till the day they get the news of somebody coming to live in the house. To aid you in getting rid of this dilemma, let us consider a few tried and tested measures regarding how to keep a house clean and neat without indulging into too many hassles.

  • Begin at the task: The first and foremost thing to consider when cleaning the house is to start with the work the moment you decide to clean it. Besides, you have to think the extent to which you desire to get it cleaned up and the amount of time you have in your hands to do the task at hand. This will ensure that you can fix the cleaning schedule in the manner you want it to. You have to be honest as much as possible with yourself regarding the preparation of the schedule of cleaning up the house as anything that is beyond your capacity will only bring unwanted burden on you to do the work.

For doing the cleaning of your house, you might even have to ask for a little help from other people, especially if they are also living in the house with you. It is not only your duty to clean the house, but also theirs. Instead of having a big cleaning campaign all of a sudden, one fine day, it is always advised best that you carry on with a little amount of cleaning every single day, so that at the end of say, a week or a month, you are not faced with circumstances where you find that the entire task is left undone and you are faced with a hell of a time in accomplishing those work on a single day.

  • Start with cleaning of the glasses as well as the mirrors: First and foremost, clean the glasses, including the mirrors and the windows of the house by using a dish washing soap, a rag or a squeeze as well as a solution of hot or warm water. In fact, a no-scratch cleaner that is in a powdered form is best to clean materials as ceramics, glasses, any metallic items and mirrors, because of the fact that it removes any residue left from the hard water, without making any scratch on the surface of the cleaned thing. The next step after this is to rub the surface of the item with a dry lint-free cloth or paper towels of the same quality.

If in case, you are bothered about being environment-friendly and at the same time wish to clean your house as soon as possible, then the best advice in this is to make the utilization of vinegar and water and follow a similar procedure by using a dry lint-free cloth or a lint-free paper towel and then wipe the surface of the thing with the aid of a newspaper. You might also pour the cleaner on a paper towel and rub the surface of the item with it. However, if this process is not followed properly, then it may leave streaks on the surface.

  • images1Clean the furniture: Unlike a glass cleaner, a furniture polish is not for the purpose of cleaning,however, it can be used for cleaning. For this, you need to be extra careful to only pick in a furniture polish meant for the specific purpose by going through the instructions given in the product specifications of the product. There are some kind of material of furniture that can bear the application of water on it and for this, the above procedure of utilization of the soapy solution can be adhered to. But be extra cautious to dry off the the surface of the thing before long. Even if you are using a furniture polish to clean the furniture, make sure that it is wiped away soon according to the directions after applying it. In this way, you can ensure that it prevents the dust from magnetizing on to your furniture.

Most of the people commit the folly of using an all-purpose cleaner which are not always safe for cleaning up every item in the house. Hence, the best advice here is to go through the instructions given on the cleaner before buying it, in order to ensure that it fits your needs in the best possible manner.
At the end of the task you can have a walk throughout the whole house and check out for yourself, if there are any other tasks left for cleaning. Some of these tasks might be changing the bedsheets and the pillow covers, if necessary, cleaning up the food particles that may be sticking on the microwave, cleaning and clearing out the unnecessary items that are put on the dining table, removing the trash from the dustbins and so on.
It is important that you do the work with a good mood of cleaning up the house that pave the way in creating an atmosphere of cleanliness in your house, what you can do is also put on some favorite music of yours to make sure that the cleaning does not become a chore, at the name of which you dread. Cleaning will also become an enjoyable task for you if you take the assistance of someone from your family.

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