How to Collaborate

Effective collaborations means, every member from the collaborative team can share their work and ideas and make the entire team run smoothly. Sometimes it can be tough to get effective collaboration, but all the collaboration problems can be solved easily. For this, you must learn how to collaborate.

Effective collaboration is a must for all the management group projects. Collaboration will let every member of the group to contribute for the project they are working on, with every member bringing their ideas and strengths.

Understand your Goals

  • Before you can start executing a tactic, you will have to understand the objective, right? This is the same with effective collaboration. Before you start the process of collaboration with your teammates, know what you are aiming for. This will help in increasing your collaboration efforts.

Always be open to communicating

  • No collaboration has ever worked with lack of communication. You must be always willing to share if that is what it takes to introduce an effective collaborative environment.

Be willing to work as a team

  • Just like collaboration implies, you will have to come together as a team and work on getting the best outcome. Always be open to working as a team and with other members completing their work you will get the best possible outcome.

Follow through commitments

  • As with everything else that happens in business, always complete your task. When you take an assignment with a group, pull all the weight towards the common goal and your team collaboration will be a hit.

Collaborating across time zones

  • One of the biggest obstacles in effective collaboration is scheduling the meetings and communication in different time zones. Even a time difference of one hour can lead to many problems with the scheduling. Teams that are attempting to collaborate across different time zones will face problems where their work schedule does not overlap.
  • If you want to collaborate across time zones, then you must organize meetings at such a time when it is accessible to everyone. Double-check the times mentions to make sure that there are no errors while converting from one time zone to another. Always try to schedule meetings and conference calls in the mornings or late afternoon.
  • If you are still unable to organize meetings due to the time zone problem, then ask the manager of every team to meet their employees and contact one another. Once they update one another on what is being discussed by every team, then schedule the meeting with other teams to get updates on new ideas and developments.

Online collaboration

  • The internet has options for effective collaboration with other people across the country or around the world. However, online collaborations comes with its’ own drawbacks. You can easily lose track of deadlines from online collaborations, especially if there are many people involved and they have no contact with any other member from the team except for online chats.
  • To solve this, weekly status reports should be asked from the teams or the manger and everyone should upload their work reports on the central server, so that their peers can view it. You can organize the meetings in private chat rooms or IRC channels, letting all the members of the collaboration to be present and for discussing their work. You can use online collaborative tools like Google Wave or Microsoft Office Live Workspace to share the created work.

Share the Glory

  • Always remember that you must never hog the limelight. Whenever your team’s hard work is being recognized, make sure that you are sharing the glory with everyone, whom you have worked with on the collaboration. It is a combined effort, so make sure everyone gets the required recognition.

Follow these steps and your collaboration will be successful!

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